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3276RE: Casper=Richie and Poil=Gloria?

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  • gloriagladrich2
    Oct 8, 2013
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       Did anyone ever figure out Spooky's original name? I will check out "Do Elephants Jump!" What is Spooky's story exactly? I will admit he was just a filler story to me, keeping me from Richie or Casper so I usually just blew past those stories unless Pearl was in them. He is Casper's cousin? And bad things happen to him a lot? I know he is continually losing his derby/doiby.

      ---In richierichsvault@yahoogroups.com, <funideas.mark@...> wrote:

      I actually address this Casper was Richie Rich issue in the David
      Feldman book "Do Elephants Jump?" Highly recommended. At your local
      bookstore or on Amazon.

      I'm glad there is finally some activity on here. Sorry, I haven't had
      time to respond as much as I would like sometimes.

      In other news, there is a new DVD of the second season of "Casper's
      Scare School" and "Casper's First Halloween" has come out from Warner
      Archives. You probably have to order both online as most stores don't
      carry these.

      -Moderator Mark.
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