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3275RE: RE: [Richie Rich's Vault] Casper=Richie and Poil=Gloria ?

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  • gloriagladrich2
    Oct 8, 2013

      Boo hoo, poor Kaspar. :(  I am going to go with the other theory that he is just a ghost and not a dead baby. Waaa.  

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      If someone tells me how to post jpg images I have the 4 pages of Kaspar I pulled off the internet. I never knew it was from Crazy magazine.
      I have them attached to this email but am unsure if they will go through.

      On Oct 5, 2013, at 10:05 PM, "Rat" <rat@...> wrote:

      Well, there was the old Crazy magazine, "Kaspar the Dead Baby"
      (if you Google it you can see the pages). There wasn't any mention
      of Richie Rich in it, but this is probably where the whole "Casper
      the dead kid" thing got started. The magazine is from the '70s--I used
      to have a copy but I don't think I have it anymore.


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      Subject: Re: [Richie Rich's Vault] Casper=Richie and Poil=Gloria?
      From: "GeeBee" <gasper_b@...>
      Date: Fri, October 04, 2013 9:58 pm
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      Absolutely not.  That was just a joke from the Simpsons.  Harvey never emphasized the idea that Casper or any of the ghosts were actual dead people.  In fact, the Harveys were upset that Casper was portrayed as a dead little boy in the live action movie because they felt it took the wholesomeness away from the character.  Unfortunately, they had no say in the matter because the rights were sold.  The reason that Casper looks like Richie Rich is the same reason that Hot Stuff does.  It was a stock outline of a child that they used for several of their characters.
      Sent: Friday, October 04, 2013 6:08 PM
      Subject: [Richie Rich's Vault] Casper=Richie and Poil=Gloria?
      Well surely that's enough of having a life, and now back to exciting Richie talk! Hee hee :)
      What do you think of the theory of Casper being dead Richie and Poil/Pearl (Spooky's girlfriend) being dead Gloria? It is creepy indeed. I know that Richie and Casper are buddies and often together, but Richie does always go on about how it is a dream. And in the one story, there were multiple Richies on different planets so perhaps the Enchanted Forest is the heaven for one of those planets? Food for thought!

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