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3270RE: Casper=Richie and Poil=Gloria?

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  • gloriagladrich2
    Oct 5, 2013
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      And that is why this group is so fantastic, I had no idea that was a Simpsons joke. I've read about it on the net for years and assumed it was a secret rumor that is under the radar. I didn't know about the stock outline, very interesting! 

      In strange news, someone even created a Facebook page about it https://www.facebook.com/pages/Casper-is-actually-the-ghost-of-Richie-Rich-Mind-Blown/158117044268740

      But, no need to visit it, there is nothing really posted. 

      As a kid I never thought about the Casper/Richie connection, but I did assume Pearl and Gloria were connected. I wonder why they chose to give her red hair when white would have been more ghostly. I do think if you go with the ghost clones though, the Spooky/Reggie one works with the freckles and naughtiness and body shape-wise, the ghostly trio could be Pierre, Bascomb, and Cadbury!
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