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  • Peter Dow
    Yes I can confirm what Harry says that we ve got a website facility. Presently hosting the hub page at http://www.draftcondi.org/ pdf files or any file really
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 10, 2006
      Yes I can confirm what Harry says that we've got a website facility.
      Presently hosting the hub page at
      pdf files or any file really which need a hosting place can be hosted on this group already - files section.
      There is a yahoo group size limit for files, something like 10MBytes I think, so for big files like a web-video, we could use the draftcondi website to host that sort of thing.
      The draftcondi website hasn't been pushed to its limit yet so I can't tell you what that limit is.
      If anyone has got something that they need to put on the web from their own computer then try uploading it to the group files first and if all else fails and if they get stuck they could post a HELP message on the group and I'm sure between us we'll be able to sort it out.
      If anything big needs to be hosted on the draftcondi site - I mean something that someone has produced already and is now ready to be hosted  - not ... wouldn't it be a good idea if someone did this ... type of suggestions -
      - if anything is ready for hosting then let me know and we'll figure out how to get it to me (email?) and I'll upload it to the website and post the link to the resource with the group.
      Previously I've hosted my wee home-produced Condi web-videos with commercial hosting services (ad-funded) and I have not needed to move them to draftcondi.
      - Peter
      Sun, 01 Jan 2006 12:28:51 -0800
      harryljohns@... said -
        Dear Suzanne (and other friends of Condi):    You are certainly correct!    At present, some of us are working on a Condi website to help   co-ordinate   the various efforts.    When I obtain an assistant, I will be providing a central supply point   for   Condi material, for pdf downloads of flyers, and other things to help   us   succeed.  I wanted to do this all at no cost, but am finding that   assistants   charge money.  (They have to pay rent, too.)    Since I accept advice once in a while, can you offer some?  How can we   best   handle the formation of Condi Clubs around the nation?  Should
       they be   organized by state, by county, by congressional district, or even by   city/town?    Wondering,        Harry    Harry L. Johns, DTM  

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    • Peter Dow
      Wise words Suzanne. - Peter suzanne_farrand wrote: Harry and Ken, Thanks for the response. I agree that it would be a good idea to work
      Message 2 of 10 , Jan 12, 2006
        Wise words Suzanne.
        - Peter

        suzanne_farrand <sfarrand@...> wrote:
        Harry and Ken,
        Thanks for the response.  I agree that it would be a good idea to work with the Americans for Rice group.  They have a good website.  They do seem to be going through some sort of reorganization in January.  Hopefully,  they will get it all together and we can all forge ahead.   I have contacted them and will see what is going on and report back.  They are already FEC registered so perhaps if they get a very solid website going to solicit contributions etc. that would take some of the pressure off the Yahoo group which really doesn't have a fund raising mechanism.  It's quite hard to get a website with product etc. going without $$ as you have found out Harry. 
        I think that the Yahoo group could carve out a unique role.  Maybe a very simple website with no product but suggestions on how to help and include hot links to other sites.  There is SO much that can be done in the way of posting to the various political websites.  That alone could keep the Yahoo group busy and productive with NO cost.  It would also not require registration with the FEC as any fund raising probably would.  There is already one sort of commercial, products only site "Condi2008", so we don't need to duplicate that function.  Perhaps later we could work with them to make sure we have high quality products available. Nothing worse than ticky tacky stuff to make a campaign look not serious.
        Ken, in terms of on what basis to regionally organize the campaign, I would think that we would want to go with County at least in the large states.  I would mimic the Republican Party organization so that we can integrate our people into the National Campaign WHEN Condi is nominated.  It would be a shame to get all organized on the Web to have it all disappear in the general election.

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      • Peter Dow
        Hey fighting the good political fight is never for naught. Naught or less than naught is what we get IF WE DON T fight for the best. Even if Condi doesn t run
        Message 3 of 10 , Jan 12, 2006
          Hey fighting the good political fight is never for naught.
          Naught or less than naught is what we get IF WE DON'T fight for the best.
          Even if Condi doesn't run for president - we will still strenghten her hand in any high-level negotiations about who get's enough support to get the republican nomination.
          Hey I remember campaigning for Condi to be VP in 2004. Didn't win that but she is still going strong.
          - Peter

          Oneirongoing@... wrote:
          Susanne you are a bright person and like me must of been involved in Elections and Campaigns before.  A while ago I suggested that it be done by States with a different person in each County in that State IE  I live in AZ. and in Maricopa County (the largest county in sq. miles in the USA, and I think that this way if lets say for instance I am handling Maricopa, then we get other Condi supporters in the other main Counties in AZ and we have our own E mail meetings ourselves but keeping in mind that we want to tailor it after the Condi for Pres. site on yahoo.  I really think though that we should be getting someone who has connections in Wash. D C to somehow find out if there is even a glimmer of hope that Ms Rice will allow herself to be open to a run for the Presidency.  Otherwise we all could be spending a lot of time which will go to naught, and take us away from other formidable Candidates of the Republican Party.  Ken Going

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