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Re: What Condi could do about the Saudis funding 9/11

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    Much of this mess would not exist if the US became energy independent and we could just pull our military out of the Gulf Sate fiasco. However, we should
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2012
      Much of this mess would not exist if the US became energy independent and we could just pull our military out of the Gulf Sate fiasco.  However, we should continue to support Israel as our only like thinking friend and ally in that part of the world.  The US should put on a full court press to develop all our energy resources and strive to make the Americas energy independent.


      MESSAGE EDITED by Group Owner Peter Dow

      Peter Dow adds - Sorry to butt in to your message Jim but you did not mention Condoleezza Rice once.

      I think it is great that good Condistas here, like Jim and Davyd in an earlier post, have things to say and ideas to offer about how the US and allies deal with important issues like this.

      However if we start debating all these issues here in Rice for President Yahoo Group then pretty soon the group's message list will look like we are not focusing on discussing Condoleezza Rice, her news and what she has said and is saying on this issues.

      I think it would be a pity if we lost focus on what this group is supposed to be all about.

      I don't want to set a precident where people can join up and post along the lines of "What Condi should do about X" and X could be any political issue under the sun and perhaps unrelated much to Condi's politics.

      It is not for us to try to set Condi's agenda. I felt on firm ground that the funding and state sponsoring of the 9/11 attacks is an issue on Condi's agenda so that is why I brought this very relevant news up for consideration. On the other hand, debating it brings in all kinds of other issues, as Jim has done here - energy, Israel and pretty soon it'll be anything under the sun.

      Now, I am all for general political discussion between Condistas but is this group's message list really the appropriate forum to discuss all political issues irrespective of Condoleezza Rice? I don't think so.

      There are people out there who want to bang the drum for all kinds of issues and I need to draw the line somewhere.

      I think group messages should be reserved for on topic to Condoleezza Rice. So if Condi has expressed an opinion then do quote her in a group message and add your own two pence worth sure.

      I have allowed Jim's message even though it is really is a debate that needs to take place in a more general political discussion forum where Condistas can reach out to others not backing Rice for President as yet. I am offering a link to
      The For Freedom Forums - figh.tk for such wider debates. Though that is a quiet forum and there are other forums far busier with far more members posting daily. Condistas should be joining other forums, debating the issues with others there and also adding a link back to here in Rice for President Yahoo Group for anyone you have convinced is the candidate for President we need.

      The For Freedom Forums has a Condoleezza Rice forum yes but also forums such as "Republican Intelligence" where such issues can be debated freely.

      All members are free to suggest an alternative forum for general political debate but I recommend you do so by adding a folder for your own links in this group's Condistas Directory folder

      Create a folder in the Condistas Directory folder in your own name and add any links you like to it, such as a link to your favourite general political discussion forum.

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