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RE: [rice-for-president] 'Occupy' movement being infiltrated by Obama re-election agents

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  • CDHoit
    You seem surprised that someone of Condoleeza Rice s stature would be targeted. Only attests to recognition of her accomplishments and potential. Davyd From:
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      You seem surprised that someone of Condoleeza Rice's stature would be targeted. Only attests to recognition of her accomplishments and potential.



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      This targeting of Condoleezza Rice over Iraq and Afghanistan (see "Occupy Grand Rapids plans to protest Condoleezza Rice's visit" below) proves my suspicion that the 'Occupy' movement is heavily infiltrated by those whose concern is not for the poor, not for the unemployed, not for those who have lost their homes in bank foreclosures, not for the victims of a weakened economy and those ripped off by over-mighty bankers profiting while most lose out.


      Instead this lot of infiltrators want to repeat the tired old "war criminal" nonsense that was got going by elements behind the "Condi must go" video produced by those associated with the dirty tricks departments of the Democratic Party associated with Howard Dean.


      Their agenda is simple - to hound Rice out of politics as she represents the greatest potential danger to the re-election of Barack Obama if, by an outside chance, Rice could be persuaded to run for president in 2012.


      I guess it is somewhat unlikely as of now that Rice will run for office but even the outside possiblity is enough to shake the partisan sections of the DNC to their boots and hence they are pulling out all the stops to pervert a legitimate 'Occupy' protest about economic failure whose fault is the current presidents' with the aim to pervert the 'Occupy' protest into an illegitimate and dishonest protest against a possible rival to the incumbent president.


      Most honest citizens in the 'Occupy' movement need to wake up to how their protest movement is being subverted by covert agents of the Democratic Party and supporters of President Obama.


      - Peter Dow

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      Occupy Grand Rapids plans to protest Condoleezza Rice's visit

      GRAND RAPIDS -- Members of Occupy Grand Rapids are gearing up to protest Wednesday’s Grand Rapids appearance by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the Kent County GOP’s annual dinner.


      “It is important to hold people accountable for what they do,” said Matthew Judge, 26, a member of Occupy Grand Rapids. He said that he was speaking for himself but not necessarily the protest group.


      “It is depressing when you see (former Defense Secretary Donald) Rumseld, (former Vice President Dick) Cheney, (former President George W.) Bush and Rice do their misdeeds, and they are all out there writing best-selling books.”


      Rice is to appear at $100 a plate dinner at DeVos Place as keynote speaker for the party’s Lincoln Dinner, its primary fundraising event. She also is expected to sign copies of her book, “No Higher Honor.”


      Occupy Grand Rapids members are planning to gather at Division Avenue and Fulton Street at 4 p.m. and march from there to outside DeVos Place.


      An unofficial statement from the group was highly critical of Rice’s role in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


      In the buildup to war in Iraq, Rice famously warned of Saddam Hussein’s reported attempt to acquire nuclear weapons, saying that “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”


      No evidence was found subsequent to the 2003 invasion that Iraq had acquired or was close to acquiring nuclear weapons.


      “You have promoted a pointless war in Afghanistan killing over 100 people for every single life lost in the 9/11 attacks, yet the Taliban still remains a credible threat,” the statement said.


      “You have fabricated justifications for the war in Iraq that subverted the due process of law.


      “You were a key facilitator in implementing the use of torture during interrogation.”

      “We the people, the 99%, have assembled here today, to stand up for those who you have silenced, and demand accountability for these crimes, so that justice may be preserved, in this, OUR democracy.”


      The local movement is patterned after the Occupy Wall Street protest that began in New York City. It formed last month and has held rallies at Calder Plaza and Monument Park.

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