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CNN asks Condoleezza Rice about her history of achievement in public service. (VIDEO)

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  • Peter Dow
    CNN asks Condoleezza Rice about her history of achievement in public service. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqN8gkDoeNA     This video features Condoleezza
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2010
      This video features Condoleezza Rice as CNN's "Connector of the day" and was added to the CNN website on November 25, 2010, with content from an interview thought to be recorded on around October 15, 2010 and includes introductory and illustrative video clips and photographs of Condoleezza Rice.

      Condoleezza Rice speaks about her family memoir book "Extraordinary, Ordinary People", her upbringing by her father and mother John and Angelina Rice, their belief in and pursuit of education and how they helped Condoleezza Rice become who she is and all she achieved, and the difficulty about writing about the sad and early death of her mother from cancer.

      Condi is asked if she will run for the presidency and she talks about her continuing interest in public service.

      Condi is asked about her next book she is writing now about her time with President George W. Bush's administration as National Security Advisor and then as U.S. Secretary of State.

      Condi talks about mistakes in how Iraq was rebuilt, how things might have been done differently, too much emphasis on Baghdad, not enough on the provinces, noting history has a long arc.

      Condi is asked to rate Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State which she does positively praising her stamina and understanding of the job.

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      Subject: [rice-for-president] Condoleezza Rice meets Obama. 2nd coming of the Messiah? (VIDEO)
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      Date: Sunday, 17 October, 2010, 21:16

      Speaking on CNN on the occasion of her visit to Washington to promote her new book, a family memoir entitled "Extraordinary, Ordinary People" Condoleezza Rice commented upon Iraq, saying she would take Saddam Hussein out of power again, but do things differently in rebuilding Iraq.
      Condoleezza Rice explained that President Obama, hearing that Rice was in Washington, had invited her for a meeting at the White House to discuss foreign policy and Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked if the President offers Rice a job was she interested.?
      Speaking at the National Press Club, Condoleezza Rice said "Jerusalem is a place for all of the children of Abraham."
      This video names Condoleezza Rice as the Messiah of Iraq, the Light of the North, the Hope of All Mankind and asks if Obama gives her a job in his cabinet this could be the 2nd coming of the Messiah?

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      Subject: [rice-for-president] Rice will return to White House for private meeting with Obama (Washington Post)
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      "Condoleezza Rice for President in 2012. Join this group of supporters from everywhere on the world wide web."

      Washington Post
      Rice will return to White House for private meeting with Obama
      By Anne E. Kornblut Washington Post Staff Writer
      Thursday, October 14, 2010; 9:37 PM
      Partisan tensions are running high, but one top Bush adviser is being welcomed at the White House on Friday: Condoleezza Rice.
      Rice, the former secretary of state and George W. Bush's first national security adviser, is scheduled to hold a private meeting with Obama at 3:45 p.m. A White House spokesman, Tommy Vietor, said the meeting - their first in the Oval Office - came about because Rice happened to be in town. "They'll discuss a range of foreign-policy issues," he said.
      Currently on a book tour with a memoir about her parents, Rice has been careful not to criticize the officials who are now doing her former jobs. Asked by cable-TV host Jon Stewart what she would be doing differently if she were in office, Rice declined to second-guess.
      "I am not going to chirp at the people inside," Rice said during Wednesday's appearance on Stewart's "Daily Show." "I know that it's a lot easier out here than it is in there, and these are patriotic people who are trying to do their best every day. They don't need me chirping at them. I think that things are not easy. This is a really tough time for the United States, a tough time for our world, but people are doing their best."
      Not every former Bush adviser is so charitable, most notably Karl Rove, who is at the center of an ongoing fight with the Obama White House over midterm campaign funding

      2005. Condoleezza Rice on Capitol Hill for her confirmation hearing as Secretary of State, before the hearing commences, crosses the floor and singles out Senator Barack Obama to greet and speak with, thus giving her public blessing in favour of Barack Obama as a fit person to one day rise to the highest office of the land. Or maybe she just fancies him, I don't really know for sure.

      Peter Dow of Rice for President Yahoo Group comments
      President Obama should invite Condi to be Secretary of Defense when Bob Gates retires next year.

      I am one of Condi's band of brothers already so that would be two for the price of one, Mr President.

      "Condoleezza Rice with her Band of Brothers" (YouTube)


      Rice for President Yahoo Group


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