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Condoleezza Rice interviewed in Milan, Italy. Oct 4. VIDEO

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  • Peter Dow
      New group link -   Italian. Condi interviewed in Milan for RAI TV (VIDEO) October 4, 2009. Condoleezza Rice is interviewed by talkshow host Fabio Fazio in
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      New group link -
      Italian. Condi interviewed in Milan for RAI TV (VIDEO)
      October 4, 2009. Condoleezza Rice is interviewed by talkshow host Fabio Fazio in a television studio, Milan, Italy. 28 minutes 38 seconds. Questions in Italian. Condi answers in English which can be heard over the Italian translation except initially. Thankfully someone hits the mute button on the translation of Condi's replies after 1 minute 48 seconds into the interview, after that Condi can be heard OK. Topics - 1:00: "Condoleezza" - how she got the name, 2:00 Playing the piano for Queen and Corgi, 3:30 Being both sweet and strong, 4:30 Going back to normal life, 5:00 Taking political decisions without all the information, 6:00 All humans make mistakes taking difficult decisions under pressure, 7:00 Recalling 9/11 - a very difficult day for Americans, 8:30 Asserting US control while under attack, it was good to know the US has friends. 10:10 preventing further attacks. Supporting people's democracy and freedom around the world is only fair. 11:20 More democracy brings security, free people are safer. 12:50 Iraq - removing Saddam Hussein was right. Takes time for democracy to be realised. US slaves were "3/5ths of a man" 14:30 Afghanistan, need to finish the job. 16:20 There is more continuity between policies of Bush and Obama administrations. Very pleased Obama won - overcoming old prejudices, electing first African American president. 18:00 Bush decided what we were doing must be legal. 19:40 Defending America within our values and principles - Obama's driver sued Rumsfeld in US Supreme court! 21:30 President Gorbachev was a hero. Reunification of Germany. Freedom triumphed. 23:40 Overcoming terrible times in Birmingham, America renewing itself. 25:40 Republicans and Democrats in the broad middle of politics. 26:35 Doesn't miss Washington 27:35 No aliens.
      Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, left, is welcomed by RAI state television "Che Tempo Che Fa" (The Weather That Is) talkshow host Fabio Fazio, prior to taping an interview in a television studio in Milan, northern Italy, Sunday Oct. 4, 2009.
      It looks like the papparazzi snapped Condi doing a little shopping while she was in Milan
      MILAN, ITALY - OCTOBER 04: Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shops at Salvatore Ferragamo on October 4, 2009 in Milan, Italy.
      Peter Dow comments -
      Listen up Condi and Condistas out there - the Queen is not as harmless as she seems.  It is not nice to be ruled, as we Britons are, by someone like Elizabeth Windsor with as much brains as her lap dogs. I don't want to fight or to die for Queen and Corgi and neither should any Briton be asked to. 
      Now if Condi was Queen Condoleezza  and Buckingham Palace was her residence that would be different and better maybe but we ought to assert democratic republican principles always.
      Don't you agree dear reader? If so then tell it to the nice people sometime won't you?
      Rice for President Yahoo Group
      "Condoleezza Rice for President in 2012. Join this group of supporters from everywhere on the world wide web."

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