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Tampa: Brian Kilmeade of Fox News interviews Condi after "The View" but before the Super Bowl

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  • Peter Dow
    Tampa: Brian Kilmeade of Fox News interviews Condi after The View but before the Super Bowl The former Secretary of State winds down in Tampa. Hockey. The
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      Tampa: Brian Kilmeade of Fox News interviews Condi after "The View" but before the Super Bowl
      The former Secretary of State winds down in Tampa. Hockey. The Super Bowl. Appearing on The View. President Bush. Google gossip. America doing what is right. Respecting successor's chance with the reins.
      Brian Kilmeade of Fox News sits down with the former Secretary of State
      January 31st, 2009
      Brian Kilmeade - "I never thought I'd see you at a hockey game. I knew you loved sports but what's with hockey?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well I went to the University of Denver. The University of Denver didn't have a football team but it had a national championship hockey team and so I've been a hockey fan for a long, long time."
      Brian Kilmeade - "I think I'm seeing somebody who is decompressing. Am I right?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well of course. It's nice to be done. But 8 years is a long time and it's kind of fun to come here to Tampa. I got to go to a hockey game. I'm going to go to the Super Bowl, play a little golf tomorrow."
      Brian Kilmeade - "Has it been 8 years truly now that you are out, without a vacation. Has it?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Pretty close. I went on vacations but I used to joke with people that you would go to some place and spend the whole time on the telephone but at least it was a nice place that you were in."
      Brian Kilmeade - "What do you think about the game that's coming up and why is it important for you to be here?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well it's important because I am a football fan and I'm excited about being here and I'm looking forward to the game and I know a lot of people are not as excited about this match-up but I think it is great that Arizona is in its first Super Bowl."
      Brian Kilmeade - "There's a lot of decisions you made that a lot of people don't agree with but there's one decision you made that I can't understand and that is to go on "The View". What were you thinking, how was it and why did you do it?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "You know it was Barbara Walters who invited me to come on "The View" and I have a lot of respect for her. She's a real trail-blazer but I had a great time.
      Brian Kilmeade - "A couple of nights ago, the President, the former President was out for the first time."
      Condoleezza Rice - "So I hear - the Baylor basketball game."
      Brian Kilmeade - "Standing ovation. What does that mean to him?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well it's great because this President served well. He not just kept us safe but he advanced both American interests and values and history is a funny thing. I think in time people will understand how much this President did."
      Brian Kilmeade - "Tell me this if you google "Condoleeza Rice" a lot comes up. I don't know if you realise that. One thing that came up is that you are going to go back to Stanford."
      Condoleezza Rice - "Right."
      Brian Kilmeade - "Correct. Number 2 is that you signed with William Morris?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Right."
      Brian Kilmeade - "Number 3 is that you look like you're going to be ... looking to write a book?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "That's right. I'll write a couple of books I think."
      Brian Kilmeade - "All right. Number 4 which I think you might want to dispute is you're going to be Pac-10 commissioner?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Yeah I'm not going to be Pac-10 commissioner."
      Brian Kilmeade - "That keeps coming up though."
      Condoleezza Rice - "I know it keeps coming up and I love the Pac-10. Maybe it is because everybody knows I have been defending the Pac-10 out on the east coast for the last 8 years."
      Brian Kilmeade - "There is a perception out there that America is no longer loved or liked that we don't have friends could you tell us the reality as you know it?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Oh I think there are places in the world that they don't like our policies but that's always been the case. I remember when Ronald Reagan was in office there were a million people in the streets in Europe protesting because President Reagan had decided to deploy missiles in Europe and it turns out that that was one of the best decisions. It really led to some major conflicts and changes in Soviet policy and probably, in a small way, helped to hasten the end of the Soviet Union so you have to do what is right."
      Brian Kilmeade - "You've built a lot of things. I mean we can't see it but you know you've built those relationships."
      Condoleezza Rice - "Right."
      Brian Kilmeade - "Where are you most concerned. Where are you.. look where are you most tempted to pick up the phone and say how are we doing ..."
      Condoleezza Rice - "I'm not."
      Brian Kilmeade - "You've really closed the book?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "I'm not. My successor, for whom I have a lot of respect, now has the reins and she deserves the chance to do it her way. "
      Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meets with President-elect ...
      "This is where you tie the reins to" Condi shows her successor the ropes.
      Brian Kilmeade - "Finally, because I know you want to get back to the hockey game, will you have cable and will you watch us now that you have more time?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Of course I'll watch you."

      Peter Dow comments - Missing you already Condi dearest.

      --- On Sat, 31/1/09, Peter Dow <peterdow@...> wrote:
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      Subject: [rice-for-president] Condoleezza Rice on ABC's "The View" TV chat-show. January 29, 2009. Video & Transcript
      To: "Rice for President" <rice-for-president@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Saturday, 31 January, 2009, 4:09 PM

      Condoleezza Rice - "Well there's who do I want to win and who do I think will win."
      Whoopi Goldberg
      - "Right. Who do you think will win."
      Condoleezza Rice - "I think that Pittsburgh defence is pretty tough but I am pulling for Arizona. 5 Super Bowls is enough all right."
      Whoopi Goldberg
      - "I'm just saying I needed to know."
      Condoleezza Rice - "Kurt Warner and Arizona"
      Barbara Walters - "So next is a book and teaching."
      Condoleezza Rice - "I am going to write a book obviously on foreign policy. I'll do the historical work on foreign policy.
      I am going to write a book about my parents because as I have expressed their story needs to be told not just for them or for me but for all the extraordinary parents out there who do what my parents did.
      And I'm going to, I hope, start to engage students back at Stanford. I've always loved, I love to teach."
      Barbara Walters - "You talk about history. What do you hope your legacy will be?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "I'll let somebody else write the legacy but I hope that people will say that we cared about a few things. That we really believed that no one man, woman or child should be condemned to live in tyranny. That it's not right for people to have no say on who is going to govern them and that we believed it was true for people in the Middle East just like it is true for people in America or in any place else.
      And I'm also very proud of the fact that we made it not just about freedom from tyranny but also freedom from disease and poverty - the AIDS relief programme that was launched in Africa was probably one of my proudest moments."
      Joy Behar - "I think everybody agrees that, you know, with the freedom for everybody. It's the way it was done that people disagree with.
      Barbara Walters - "Well you'll have to come back with us again and we'll have .."
      Condoleezza Rice - "We'll come back and talk about that."
      Barbara Walters - "We are very pleased all of us that you are here with us today."
      Condoleezza Rice - "Thank you it is a pleasure being with you.
      Barbara Walters - "in the middle of your schedule. Thanks to former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice."

      Peter Dow comments - Well I wish Condi dearest would marry me  but I would ask her now and on our wedding night why does she say that the Devil Queen was "wonderful, she's a very charming and lovely lady" when in reality Elizabeth is not at all as far as Scottish and British republicans like me are concerned?
      In fact, we who are subjected to the Queen's kingdom's tyranny are precisely denied a say over who governs us because the Queen is imposed as head of state.
      Also educational opportunities are sometimes denied under UK rule as well with outspoken persons like me banned from universities.
      So everything good that Condi stands up for, the Queen in practice is in the way of for the people her kingdom rules over.
      So why not get angry at the Queen  instead of playing piano for her?
      It would be better to use the piano wire to hang Queen Elizabeth from the chandeliers of Buckingham Palace and turn Buckingham Palace into a Presidential Palace for President Rice.
      Peter Dow,
      Rice for President Yahoo Group
      VIDEO hosted on YouTube
      The View - Part 1
      January 29, 2009. Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State, appears on ABC's TV chat show "The View"
      http://uk.youtube. com/watch? v=3A7BlMKWSUs
      The VIew - part 2
      January 29, 2009. Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State, appears on ABC's TV chat show "The View"
      http://uk.youtube. com/watch? v=OoVrDERZJPg
      The View
      The Co-hosts
      Barbara Walters
      Elisabeth Hasselbeck,
      Whoopi Goldberg
      Joy Behar
      Sherri Shepherd
      Barbara Walters - "Condoleezza Rice made American history as the second woman and the first black woman to become Secretary of State during a time that would test the metal of any of her predecessors and we are honoured to welcome for the first time on The View, former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice."
      (Music, Applause, Greetings) "Welcome, Welcome" etc.
      Condoleezza Rice - "Thank you, thank you".
      Barbara Walters - "How does it feel to get up in the morning and pick up the newspapers".
      Condoleezza Rice - "It feels that I don't have to do anything about what's in it, which is a really great feeling. It is relief; it is relief really."
      Elizabeth Hasselbeck - "We ... of you that you're a fan of American Idol. True?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Ah. True"
      Elizabeth Hasselbeck - "True"
      Condoleezza Rice - "True. I had a really great time TIVOing American Idol, coming back from some place in the world, I'd play it whatever time I got back and I got to meet David Cook, I was really excited. Yeah.
      Joy Behar - "Look how excited she is."
      Condoleezza Rice - "Jordin Sparks."
      Joy Behar - "Wow!"
      Condoleezza Rice - "I met Jordin Sparks"
      Elizabeth Hasselbeck - "She one of my favourites".
      Condoleezza Rice - "Me too. Me too."
      Barbara Walters - "OK so we are going to go from the happy questions to the what-if questions."
      Condoleezza Rice - "You've got it."
      Barbara Walters - "OK So the president when he left, President Bush said that one of his greatest regrets is that the premise for the war on Iraq was based on the idea that there were weapons of mass destruction and there were not and he said this was his greatest regret. Is this your greatest regret or if not, what is your greatest regret?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well I certainly regret it because we thought that there were weapons of mass destruction. "
      Barbara Walters - "Is that your greatest regret?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well, I'm going to take some time to figure out what my greatest regret is. Look in a time like this you make a lot of decisions under a lot of pressure and you make some good calls and you make some bad calls and history will really determine which calls were good calls.
      I've said very often that I am sure there will be dissertations written about mistakes the Bush administration made and I'll probably even oversee some of them at Stanford University when I go back but it takes time for history to unfold.
      I do regret that we did not know about the weapons of mass destruction. It was not the fault of the intelligence agencies but .."
      Joy Behar - "Do you think you gave it enough time though to find out?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Oh yes, we gave it, with Saddam Hussein, from 1991 until 2003. Iraq was under very tough sanctions. The Iraqi people were suffering under those sanctions while we were trying to keep Saddam Hussein in check. Saddam Hussein wasn't suffering because they were getting around the sanctions. So, yes, I don't regret, by the way, that we liberated Iraq; that I don't regret."
      Barbara Walters - "We wondered also because we have this opportunity to ask you more personal questions and when we read about you and the things we know. You were born in segregated Alabama. There were little children, black children who were killed in the church near you. You go from that to second in command at Stanford, a soviet affairs advisor under Bush senior, National Security Advisor, Secretary of State. How did you make that climb from segregation to Secretary."
      Condoleezza Rice - "Parents. I had great parents. I thank God every night for the parents I had. My parents did not let me think that racism was my problem. They always thought that it was somebody else's problem and they used to say, you know, even if you have to be twice as good to show them then you're just going to have to be twice as good and then they gave me every opportunity they possibly could.
      You know my parents were those kind of extraordinary ordinary people. I don't think they ever made between them maybe fifty-five sixty thousands dollars a year between them because daddy was a high school guidance counsellor, Presbyterian minister, he became a university administrator. My mother was a school teacher and yet "
      Barbara Walters - "and loved music"
      Condoleezza Rice - "and loved music and taught me piano but from the time that I can remember if I wanted to learn to play the flute I got to learn to play the flute. If I wanted to learn ballet, I got to try ballet even though I wasn't very good at ballet, they still kept paying for the lessons and it was that kind of dedication of my parents that convinced me that I might not be able to have a hamburger at Woolworths but I could do anything I wanted to and I just thank God that I had those parents."
      Sherri Shepherd - "Condoleezza, this is something that has been just burning in my mind, I would like to know what happened with Katrina? That why are there still people of lower income families still living in their trailers? Did this happen on American soil yet the response was so slow. What happened with that?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well I don't think that anybody at any level of government was really prepared for something of Katrina's size and scope. It was the worst natural disaster that we had experienced. I think we will do better, the United States will do better the next time but I was saddened because it exposed an America that we sometimes don't see. People who are trapped in poverty. They don't know the way out. There were school buses under water in Katrina that could have gotten people out."
      Barbara Walters - "It was not by the way under your watch?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "No ... but I felt responsible also. I was the highest ranking black official and it was hard to see but what really did make me angry was the implication that some people made that somehow President Bush allowed this to happen because these people were black and for somebody to say that about the President of the United States, a president who I know well and a president of the United States who is my friend, I was appalled and I couldn't believe that people didn't challenge it."
      Joy Behar - "Well that was probably wrong."
      Condoleezza Rice - "Oh absolutely."
      Joy Behar - "but he did say 'Heck of a job Brownie' which really angered a lot of people because it was not a good job that they did."
      Condoleezza Rice - "I think at the time they probably thought things were going better than they actually were. Look, people make mistakes under stressful situations and I believe we'll we do better and the United States will do better the next time around but I think Katrina was probably, from my mind, one of the greatest disasters for the administration and for the country."
      Elizabeth Hasselbeck - "We hope that the next time around if something that disastrous should happen that it is handled better.
      Looking in the future again, we talk about Iraq and we've heard about this timetable for withdrawal that President Obama was, you know, very firm in terms of his campaigning"
      Barbara Walters - "
      16 months"
      Elizabeth Hasselbeck - "16 months he had said during the campaign and is now in discussions. He has kind of now loosened a little bit on that. With your expertise, what do you think? Is it wise to set a definite timetable and if so when would you withdraw troops from Iraq?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "I would say listen to the commanders on the ground and the ambassador there. Those are the people who have brought Iraq from the edge of disaster and it was at the edge of disaster in 2006 to at a place this weekend where we are going to watch elections. You may have seen some of the pictures of these women in Iraq who are going to run for office. This is really unbelievable given where Iraq was in 2006.
      So listen to the people on the ground. I think we owe it to the people of the region. We owe it to the people of Iraq and we owe it to ourselves to have the sacrifice that has been endured there come to fruition in a better Iraq."
      Elizabeth Hasselbeck - "Well said."
      Whoopi Goldberg - "I have an odd question because you were first the National Security Advisor and then you went on to become Secretary of State at some point over those 8 years did you ever look around and say, you know what we are missing some steps here. We are not paying as much attention to our domestic policies. Did you think to say - listen George you might want to take a moment .."
      Condoleezza Rice - "You don't call him George, all right."
      Whoopi Goldberg - "Don't tell me you don't call him George"
      Barbara Walters - "I'm telling you she doesn't."
      Whoopi Goldberg - "You see I am a comic so I was making a funny but the point is, did no-one see that we had really lost ourselves domestically. "
      Condoleezza Rice - "Do you know why I was first attracted to this president? I really didn't have anything to do with foreign policy."
      Whoopi Goldberg - "Attracted?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "No attracted in a policy sense"
      Whoopi Goldberg - "Yeah"
      Condoleezza Rice - "It was because he cared about education and he used to talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations with minority kids and that minority kids were not performing and they were being left behind. That's why I was attracted initially. Immigration reform.
      Of course, this country can't lead abroad unless we are strong at home and I'm a great believer in America's strengths at home being the source of our power abroad."
      Barbara Walters - "You're going to stay with us but I have one quick question. Did you vote for Obama?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Barabara, the time will come to talk about my political preferences "
      One of the co-hosts from off camera - "She's writing a book."
      Barbara Walters - "She didn't say no. We'll be right back. She didn't say yes but she didn't say no. We'll be back with Condoleezza Rice."
      Elizabeth Hasselbeck - "We are back with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Dr Rice last time I saw you we sat together at the state dinner for the Queen at the White House and we had an incredible conversation and one of the things I remember too was right from there you were leaving that night on a flight somewhere and it was one of many stops that you had to make. You've been to 85 countries, you have travelled over a million miles, have you ever awakened and felt as though you'd had no clue where you are?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "I've even awakened in my own bed and not been sure where I was. So sure."
      Elizabeth Hasselbeck - "Do you have packing tips for women?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well, my main packing tip is, first of all, I have every thing in groups - black group, grey group, brown group. So that I can carry a group. Secondly, always carry a black pant suit just in case that they forget to tell you that it is a cocktail affair then you have dressy jewellery and then you are ready to go and when you travel abroad carry a pant suit because you suddenly learn as I did one time that the Japanese intend to have the dinner on the floor and you only brought a dress. I never made that mistake again."
      Barbara Walters - "Is it true that when you travel you used to try to have a treadmill in every place you were?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Elliptical was preferable. I got up at least an hour for exercise every morning."
      Barbara Walters - "What did you used to get up every morning?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well at home I got up at 4.30. Abroad, Americans like to do things early so most people wouldn't start the meetings until a little bit later when we were abroad. So I could actually get up at 5 O'clock while I was abroad. "
      Barbara Walters - "You know I don't know how to say this - just say it - you are so cute looking."
      Condoleezza Rice - "Why thank you."
      Barbara Walters - "So this is the type of question that we ask on the view. Are you going to have any time for romance?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well I sure hope so. Look it is not a matter of time. People say have you worked so hard, have you dedicated so much to your career that you really are shorting your personal life but the truth of the matter is I never found anybody I wanted to marry. Doesn't mean that I won't but I didn't yet."
      Whoopi Goldberg - "Now I have to ask this question because the look on your face as it was happening was kind of fantastic. Was it a dream of yours to go play in Buckingham Palace?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Yes"
      Barbara Walters - "Piano. You played the piano."
      Whoopi Goldberg
      - "Played the piano. As a little child did you think I would like to play in front of a Queen?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well I didn't really think - I thought I was going to play Carnagie Hall. I mean, I was a music major and then I realised, you know, that day that you meet those 12 year olds that can play from sight everything it took you all year to learn? And you think, maybe I'll end up playing at Nordstrom or in a piano bar but not in Carnagie Hall but Buckingham Palace was great.
      I though we were just going to play in Buckingham Palace and that day, they said, by the way, her "majesty" is going to stop by and I thought, oh, OK, this is taking on a slightly different .. but she was wonderful, she's a very charming and lovely lady."
      Barbara Walters - "Did you play God Save the Queen?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "No I played Brahms."
      Sherri Shepherd - "Condoleezza you are a big champion for education for children and you are working on several projects for children. Can you tell us about that?"
      Condoleezza Rice - "Well I really believe that unless our children are well educated we're not going to compete as Americans and I really believe that as Americans the one thing that holds us together is that we really do believe that you can come from humble circumstances and do extraordinary things. It doesn't matter where you came from it matters where you are going.
      And for too many of our kids these days the educational system is failing them and it's not true for them and so back in 1992 with some friends, I started a programme called the Center for a New Generation out in the Bay Area. It's an after school and summer programme. It gives kids instrumental music, hands on math, science. It was originally 5th through 8th grade. Now it's now 1st through 8th grade and there are now 5 of them and they are associated with the Boys and Girls clubs and I'd like to see if we can franchise some of these around the country because I just, as an educator, it really just makes me so angry when kids don't get a chance to learn.
      All of us had a chance to learn and we just need to make sure it is true for all our kids.
      Barbara Walters - "What are you going to do next. I'm sorry you had a question."
      Whoopi Goldberg
      - "I have a very important question. Who do you have in the Super Bowl?"
      Barbara Walters - "She's a big fan."
      Whoopi Goldberg
      - "That's why I wanted to know."

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