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If McCain gets ill? Palin Rebellion Troika: Lugar, Rice, Biden.

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  • Peter Dow
    John McCain is 72 so what if President McCain gets ill or dies in office as President and the constitution says that Sarah Palin is the acting or new
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2008
      John McCain is 72 so what if President McCain gets ill or dies in office as President and the constitution says that Sarah Palin  is the acting or new President?
      Or what if President John McCain's health suffers while in office and he irrationally decides to nuke the Russians or Chinese or someone who can really fight back with nukes of their own?
      Then the confirmation of the nuclear weapons strike order has to be seconded by VP Sarah Palin or McCain's Defence Secretary (we don't know who that Defence Secretary is yet but let's just assume it is someone with as much experience and independence from McCain as Palin - that is to say someone who will never question McCainÂ’s nuke-em order).
      These are alarming prospects but deal with them folks because that's what McCain's pick for VP - Sarah Palin - is threatening.
      The Governator 2: The Terminator returns but this time it is female. Governor Sarah Palin.
      So who are we going to trust to keep the world safe and head off a nuclear war and global Armageddon?
      At some point the Congress will have to pass an emergency impeachment and removal from office of McCain and Palin. Hopefully before it is too late.
      The timing of initiating of that impeachment action will be a matter of the most exquisite political judgment that I think politically concerned Americans need to nominate now those who should be entrusted with the burden of leadership in this matter.
      Obviously, the Democrats will trust Obama but Republicans would not agree. We need a team around which everyone can unite if needs be.
      So I would like to propose an informal political troika - a group of three persons acting as an emergency political council.
      This troika would simply observe the health and performance of McCain in office and they would be entrusted to judge when McCain was in extremis
      and when therefore to give a political lead to Congress to initiate and complete an emergency impeachment and removal of McCain-Palin and to install their successors under the constitution.
      The Troika

      New image for Rice for President Yahoo Group front page - replacing a McCain-Rice image. Jan 11, 2007 The experience to be Vice President. Secretary Rice stands with Sen. Richard Lugar, Ranking Member and Sen. Joe Biden, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, now the Dem nominee for VP.
      Further I would like to nominate three people to be the first members of the Palin Rebellion Troika (PRT) - Senator Richard Luger, the Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Affairs committe, Condoleezza Rice, President Bush's US Secretary of State, and Senator Joe Biden, the Chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs committee and the Democratic nominee for Vice President.
      These are three people who have the experience and judgement to serve as either president or vice-president. I would trust my life and the fate of the world in their hands, but I could never trust Sarah Palin, no way, no how, no Sir.
      Now if you have a different three people in mind then name them but remember it needs to be a team which would enthuse rapid bipartisan co-operation in Congress for emergency action.
      How would this troika announce its political leadership to impeach President McCain and Vice President Palin?
      Well perhaps both Senator Luger and Senator Biden could quote Condoleezza Rice calling for the impeachment of President McCain due to failing health.
      Hopefully, the media, Congress, the American nation and the world would fall into line and support the impeachment and the succession to the presidency under the constitution.
      Or of course, the Americans could elect Obama - Biden 2008.

    • krove04
      Palin was a risk. Lieberman was a risk. Rice was a risk. unlike the last two though, Palin is an irresponsible risk. if mccain is looking to shake things up
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 2, 2008
        Palin was a risk. Lieberman was a risk. Rice was a risk.

        unlike the last two though, Palin is an irresponsible risk. if mccain
        is looking to "shake things up" instead of picking safe, i'd rather he
        go with our girl condi or joeliebs.

        the notion that rice will bring down mccain because of her bush ties
        is overrated. she will attract independents and excite republicans,
        even those right-wing religious nuts who doesn't like her "moderately"
        pro-choice stance. but maybe she turned mccain down? too bad, because
        the white house is hers for the taking in 2012. it's too bad that an
        underqualified african-american is now a lock to become president, not
        condi. i'm sorry, but rice is 5 times more qualified than obama to be

        2nd choice would be joe lieberman, the guy who mccain really like for
        VP. it's too bad the religious right wing were threatening to revolt
        if he didn't choose a pro-lifer, as if that's the most important thing
        in this election. but i don't recall democrats threatening kerry when
        the idea of pro-life mccain running on the dem ticket was floated in 2004.

        barack will win and he'll have an 8 year presidency. i hope by then
        the stupid pro-lifers will be marginalized in the republican party.
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