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McCain - Rice 2008. The debate from Texas and Scotland

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  • Peter Dow
    This is from my For Freedom Forums - Texreiver wrote: OK, this is going to be a complicated post, so please feel free to ask for clarification. Or maybe I
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2008
      This is from my For Freedom Forums -

      Texreiver wrote:
      OK, this is going to be a complicated post, so please feel free to ask for clarification.

      Or maybe I will clarify why your “complications” are actually contradictions?

      Texreiver wrote:
      First: Condi will not make a good contender for the presidency of the U.S.

      Well later you explain why Condi will make a good contender for Vice-President. Remembering that VP is one heart beat away from the presidency, a contender for VP is also a contender for the presidency, should the worst happen.

      So Condi WOULD be a great contender, for VP, and for the presidency.

      Despite the efforts of the Draft Condi movement (including my own Rice for President Yahoo Group efforts) it really doesn’t look now like Condi will be the Republican nominee for President, this presidential election anyway.

      Texreiver wrote:
      Don't be offended -- hear me out.

      Well this is a For Freedom Forum, so you’ll be heard here. Also, I’m not offended by your post which is not at all offensive, not like some anti-Condi insults I sometimes have to delete on YouTube in the comment section under my many YouTube Condi videos .

      Have you watched all my Condi videos yet Texreiver?

      Texreiver wrote:
      Condoleezza Rice is one of the most brilliant policy wonks this country has had in a long time.

      Well let’s not underestimate Condi Texreiver. Condoleezza Rice is one of the most brilliant policy leaders the world has had in recorded history (“wonks” is American English and isn’t used so much in British English, not yet anyway)

      In fact, who has been more brilliant than Condi, ever? It is difficult to imagine that ANYONE has ever been more brilliant than Condi, policy wise. Condi could well be the best ever.

      In fact it is bizarre that an exceptional person like Condi was expected to, and did stand in line with other American leaders to shake hands with the very stupid Queen Elizabeth, when that foolish woman visited the White House. Confused

      Queen Elizabeth is nothing and Condi is everything. Yet the pomp and circumstance was to honour the Queen when it only makes sense to honour Condi, and not the Queen. I suppose President Bush had his reasons but I really feel that even the President is underestimating and undervaluing Condi to some degree and therefore it is no surprise that other Americans are doing the same.

      Texreiver wrote:
      That's why she won't do well in a campaign.

      I think that is what they call a “non-sequitur”. It doesn’t follow that if Condi is brilliant therefore she would not do well.

      Texreiver wrote:
      She doesn't excel at catchy one-liners

      So for example, there is no way Condi’s one-liner “The War on Terror” would ever catch on? Rolling Eyes

      Texreiver wrote:
      and insubstantial rhetoric

      Well actually, Condi usually begins her speeches given when she visits an American university with insubstantial rhetoric relating to rivalry between university American football teams or other sporting rivalry. Condi can do “insubstantial” - the difference is she can do “substantial” and do it better than anyone.

      Texreiver wrote:
      like Barack Obama. Barack, on the other hand, is an empty suit.

      Look Texreiver, be fair to Iraq Hussein Osama Wink

      1. Barack - wrong on Iraq
      2. Hussein - wrong on Saddam Hussein
      3. Obama - wrong on Osama Bin Laden

      (and that’s all you need to know about the leading contender for the Democrats nomination for president.) Razz

      Although Condi seems to like Obama and she made a point of greeting him very publicly when she was seeking confirmation as Secretary of State. So he means more to Condi than an “empty suit”, so let’s not be too hard on the guy.

      Texreiver wrote:
      In this electronic age, empty suits make more effective candidates and point-men for power groups. Condi is a puppet-master, not a puppet.

      Well I prefer to say that President Bush and Condi make a very effective and powerful leadership team, which has benefited not only some groups but all of humanity. The satirists have had their fun but standing next to Condi even a effective leader like George Bush can appear to be less than he really is. After all, who promoted Condi in the first place? That took effective leadership from President Bush himself.

      It is just plain wrong to minimise all the very good things President Bush has done - look for example, how much has been done for Africa under his presidency - these were not the acts of a puppet acting for power groups. Iraq has been difficult but when it comes right, Bush will be vindicated in full.

      Texreiver wrote:
      Like Dick Cheney, it would be far more likely for her to be an effective V.P. who controls behind the scenes.

      The Vice-President of the United States of America is not a “behind the scenes” position. It is a co-star position - right out in front. Considering that we’ve missed our chance to have Condi at the top of the ticket, right now, it is our last best hope from 2009 until 2012 - Vice President Condoleezza Rice.

      Texreiver wrote:
      If McCain gets the Republican nomination, Condi would be a great running mate.

      “Great” as in “Condoleezza, the Great”? Yes, that has a certain historical resonance which might help us to describe Condi. But it is all up to McCain for 2008. I hope he picks her but he might not. It is time to start thinking about Condi for President in 2012, with or without McCain’s help.

      Texreiver wrote:
      I think she would split the black and female vote traditionally secured by the Democrats

      Voting is a tradition and a good tradition. Deciding on which party or candidate to vote for, based on ones own colour or gender, I don’t see as being a tradition in the first place and certainly not a tradition to be encouraged. One should always vote for the best (or least bad) party or candidate, in your opinion. And the parties want votes from people of all colours and both genders.

      Such talk of block “black and female” votes which you think could be “split” is not realistic or helpful I believe. Such loose talk I hear on American TV network news too sometimes. But these same stupid broadcasters simper on about the UK royal family in a most destructive way for the future of us all - most damaging. If the TV pundits are where you are getting your thoughts from Texreiver, all I can say is you need this forum, to sharpen up your thoughts.

      Texreiver wrote:
      AND kill the likes of Obama or Clinton in debates.

      Well that’s the place to kill them Texreiver, in a debate, but NOT from the Texas Book Depository. Sad

      Texreiver wrote:
      Her command of the facts and rational ability makes her an intellectual assassin in an organized and controlled forum.

      Well quite but when Condi wins an argument, you don’t feel assassinated. You feel loved. And that’s what makes Condi special. Very Happy

      Texreiver wrote:
      Second: There is a problem looming on the horizon. John McCain may be heading into a serious struggle to get the nomination as Huckabee may be able to pull off a coup at the Republican National Convention.

      Today, it was announced that Rush Limbaugh, nationally-syndicated conservative radio talk-show host, is urging Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries in Texas and Ohio. This is a strategic attempt to keep the Democratic party divided by preventing Obama from running away with a majority of the delegates.

      Ah, radio talk shows, which make ABC and CBS TV news look enlightened in comparison. Is that “nationally-syndicated” in the same way as (was it) Don Issaccs, the radio guy who was offensive about a women’s basketball team?

      Radio talk show hosts. The masters of bluster. Yes, we have a certain Scot George Galloway who speaks like that too. Not strategic though. No-one ever accused George Galloway of having a well thought out plan actually to achieve anything, and I guess the same apples to your Rush Limbaugh though I haven‘t really heard much from him. A certain amount of people rushing around like headless chickens for a while is all George & Rush can aspire too I guess.

      Texreiver wrote:
      I suspect if Republicans in fact vote in the Democratic primaries in those states, they will be McCain Republicans. McCain is **seemingly** so far ahead right now that they probably feel safe that Huckabee can't catch up, and McCain would rather face hated Hillary than the new and young fresh-faced kid on the block who is very charismatic.

      If that in fact happens, I predict Huckabee will show a significant victory in both Texas and Ohio and propel his momentum going into the Convention. Once you vote in one party's primary you are barred by law from voting in another party's primary. So, McCain Republicans voting as Democrats will bar themselves from supporting McCain in two of the states with substantial numbers of delegates.

      Now, you have to understand something. The majority of the delegates are by law not bound to vote for the candidate that won the majority vote in their district or state. And, as for the very few who are so bound by law it is questionable that such a law could be enforced. Voting is considered a fundamental right, so "bounded" delegates jumping ship and being punished for that would go to the Supreme Court.

      Generally, once delegates get to the convention, they can vote for whomever they like. Also, the Republicans have something similar to the Democrats' "Superdelegates" except they don't call them by that name. These people are party apparatchiks who will vote for the candidate they feel will best promote the party.

      The problem is that the conservative wing of the Republican Party does not like McCain (in fact, they detest him worse than they detest Hilllary, because they consider him a traitor). They feel that if McCain wins the nomination that conservative voters will sit out and throw the Presidential election to the Democratic nominee by default (note that McCain pulled not one single Southern state (with Texas not yet voting) and the saying is that if you can't win the South you won't win the nomination or the Presidency).

      So, this gives the conservative darling, Huckabee, a chance for a coup. If he gets a good showing in Texas and Ohio, pulls Romney's conservative delegates (even though Romney later supported McCain when he bowed out) and gets the "Superdelegates," it is entirely possible that Huckabee will pull off a surprise coup and get the Republican nomination.

      It is questionable whether Huckabee would ask Condi to be his running mate.


      YOU, Texreiver, have to understand something. McCain is miles in front and has all but sewn up the republican nomination. Even President Bush’s father, President Bush senior is supporting McCain.

      The overwhelming votes for McCain will leave no room for a Huckabee coup.

      The scenario of a rigged GOP election imposing Huckabee against McCain’s clear win in delegates is a fantasy which the Democrats dream of but which will not happen.

      Even if McCain dies before the convention (and his mother is still going strong), Huckabee would not be the GOP nominee. The winning McCain delegates could and should draft Condi as nominee or someone else with Condi as VP.

      The GOP looks pretty united and coherent and the Democrats are all over the place.

      My prediction - President John McCain.
      My hope - Vice President Condoleezza Rice
      Peter Dow, Scottish National Standard Bearer


      Owner, Rice for President Yahoo Group

      Rise to the challenge for Sport Relief with Yahoo! for Good
    • Eric and Kathy Craft
      If Condi doesn t decide to retire after the end of the Bush administration, it is possible that she may be asked to run on McCain s ticket. There has been a
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 1, 2008
        If Condi doesn't decide to retire after the end of the Bush administration, it is possible that she may be asked to run on McCain's ticket.  There has been a some buzz about Condi possibly being on the McCain ticket, but her name is one of many that has been tossed about.

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