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Re: [rice-for-president] Saint Condi & Tiger Condi would defeat Eric's fire-breathing dragon.

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  • Bob Wilson
    Eric; I believe you hit that one out of the park. I enjoy listening to non-americans tell us what we are doing wroing. But can Peter explain why the Brit s
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 27, 2007
      I believe you hit that one out of the park.  I enjoy listening to non-americans tell us what we are doing wroing.  But can Peter explain why the Brit's and Canadians come to this country for their medical problems. 
      If their system of government was so great, why are they having problems with their health care system.  Speaking of taxes, didn't we break away for that very same reason in 1776.
      Well, it's always good to hear from you Peter.  But as Eric has stated, Condi is just too smart to get into the he said, she said fight.

      Eric and Kathy Craft <thecrafts@...> wrote:
      Peter, it is not that I would not like to see Condi elected as president, because I would.  I have just faced the fact that she will not be elected president.  From her perspective she has done her part for "God and Country".  She has no interest in stepping into the right vs left meat grinder that the 2008 election is going to be.  By the way, what you call a "Neanderthal vision" is the position of the Republican party which is Condi's party of choice.  She grew up in conditions custom made to create members of the Democrat party, yet she still chose to become a Republican.  What does that tell you about her politics?  Think about it.


      Peter Dow wrote:
      Well as a socialist, living off the British welfare state, I'd have to disagree with you Eric.
      It is seems to me what IS shit about America sometimes is Americans not being able to get health care, food or a roof over their heads if and when they are very poor and all the crime and taxpayer money spent on locking poor people up who have turned to crime in order to survive.
      But hey Eric if you want to pay the price of high crime in terms of extra victims, extra police and extra prisons, and extra taxes to pay for it all then by all means find yourself a candidate to support who will keep on shitting the way you like.
      The problem for you Eric, is that Condi, while not a "socialist" per se, is intellegent enough to run things in a socially responsible way - like the way she ran Stanford University.
      So Condi would not be likely, I do not think, to agree with much of your Neanderthal vision - but hey, what do I know.  
      All I know is Condi's foreign policy is excellent and I am sure that her domestic policies will head in the right direction too. I trust her judgement.
      You Eric, I don't trust in the least, and probably not your "viable" candidate (is it Fred Thomson?) either, if he walks the shit you talk.
      And Eric, please do feel free to not respond to this and never post here again because all you seem to do nowadays is troll against the whole idea of Rice for President.
      As for your fire-breathing dragon candidate  he would be defeated by my Saint Condi  - like St George, patron saint of England, defeated his dragon.
      So Condi is no dragon but she is tough, very tough when she needs to be - and I have portrayed Condi as having something of the eye of a tiger (unwavering and fixed on her goals) in this video -
      Tigress Condi. Should we beat Maliki's brains out?
      - Peter Dow,
      Owner, Rice for President Yahoo Group

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