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Steve Hampton - protectourbordersnow - on pre-moderation of posts

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  • Peter Dow
    OK Steve might have got away with one post - it s a political issue after all, which no doubt Condistas have a view about. One post - and if other Condistas
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2007
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      OK Steve might have got away with one post - it's a political issue after all, which no doubt Condistas have a view about.
      One post - and if other Condistas wanted to debate it fine. But it wasn't one post - it was three - and it looks like Steve has put RfPYG on his spam list.
      Now because it is political, I am not banning Steve - but I am putting him on pre-moderation of posts for now.
      Steve, if you are listening, which I doubt, which is why you are now moderated, if you want to put a link to your protectourborders campaign etc. then the place would be in a folder of your own creation inside this group folder -
      Folder Condistas Directory
      A new folder and the idea here is that each member of the Rice for President Yahoo Group who wants to, can add a personal "profile"-type folder inside this folder, to hold their links to their own pages, websites, videos or other favourite links. So here is where Condistas can display personalized links, similar to Yahoo Profile Home and Cool links. Say something about yourself so that Condistas here can get to know each other if they wish.
      - Peter Dow,
      Owner, Rice for President Yahoo Group

      Steve Hampton <protectourbordersnow@...> wrote:
      (1) We have already have a $5000.00 fine ( LAW ) for ANY Illegal Immigrant entering America, why would we want to make it a service charge to buy an American Citizenship ? And NOT Charge Illegals who want to live here and not be citizens. (2) We ALREADY have a passed FEDERAL BILL for a 700 Mile Border fence, why would we want to cut the lenght in half ?
      (3) Its ALREADY Illegal to work in the USA as an Illegal Immigrant, why would we want to make a Guest Worker to help Illegal Immigrants ?
      (4) Its ALREADY Illegal to be an Illegal Gang member ( 50% of Nation wide Gang members are illegal immigrants ) , why would we give illegal immigrant gang members who hurt America, a path to citizenship ?
      (5) We ALREADY have a National ID Card ( The REAL ID ACT passed in Congress several years ago and signed into law ), why would we want to make up another one, when the first one has not been made or used yet ?
      (5) Why would we want PAY FOR  Tuition Fees and Attorney fees out of OUR TAX Dollars to Illegal Immigrants when current law FORBIDS this ?
      (6) Currently its ILLEGAL for ANYONE not to pay Taxes, why would we want to tell 15-20 Million Illegal Immigrants that they dont need to pay back ANY of the taxes from US jobs they Illegally took ?
      (7) We already have MOST of the items in the Amnesty Bill already, why would we need to make ANY deals with Illegal Immigrants to give them Amnesty, when current laws , if enforced, are pretty much whats in the Amnesty bill, but, WITH OUT AMNESTY !!!!
      Now, how exactly does this Amnesty Bill help American Citizens when we ALREADY have LAWS designed to STOP THIS ?? We DONT NEED this BILL !!!
      Ask your Senate and Representative Leaders these Questions. Feel free to copy and paste these questions if you want. Does this AMNESTY Bill make ANY sense when we ALREADY have LAWS that would drive OUT Illegal Immigrants. Simply put, enforce our CURRENT LAWS, and Illegal Immigrants will be fined over and over again. They wont be able to work, they will lose ALL benefits of being here ILLEGALLY and they will leave by themselves. The Fines will build up so much it will cause them to lose their property, homes, saving accounts, cars and drive them into forclosure. It will also send them to jail and they will fleee America. The money from the fines would pay for the fence for the entire border. That's IF they decide to DEFEND AMERICA for a Change !!
      Steve Hampton

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