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    What about the 2008 Presidency? John L. Perry Wednesday, March 21, 2007
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      What about the 2008 Presidency?
      John L. Perry
      Wednesday, March 21, 2007

      In high-stakes poker, passionate courtship, or crocodile wrestling comes a catalytic opening to gamble all or forfeit everything.
      George W. Bush's do-or-die instant has arrived.
      For this president, a swarm of highly media-ized events — some external, others internal, all damnably infernal — have coalesced like pus in a barnacle in the remaining two years of his second term in the White House.
      It matters not who or what brought this plague upon him, and upon all those millions who placed in him their hopes, their dreams, their waxing and waning, waxing and waning, loyalties. The gritty facts are: The facts are gritty and they are the facts.
      It's a waste of time and a squander of intellect to blame it on the Democrats, on the liberals, on the loony left, on the calculating vestiges of Marxism including those picking their editorial toes in the towers of masscomm. Come rain, some shine, they will be they, and they always will be.
      A Flicker of Hope
      The issue is, What in heaven's name lies ahead for this beloved land?
      Out of the resulting sulfurous swamp forming around politics of the American body politic has emerged, no more distinct than an initial shadow cast by rising daylight, the shade – no, the promising flicker – of a way out of this bloody-awful mess in which the United States finds itself, stripped naked before a snickering, gleeful, ungrateful Free World.
      President Bush finally got around to sticking up for Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, the somewhat – though not largely – self-inflicted wounded zebra on a heartless Serengeti rampant with the blood-thirsty congressional jackals of the Democratic indigents and the Republican gutless.
      They – they being the smug cognoscenti of the masscomm, the left-over lefties, the middling mediocrities and the rigid right – had written him off. They had assured themselves Bush would throw his old friend and legal confident off the back of the sleigh and allow the starving wolves to savor his writhing remains.
      True, the president was a light cavalry a little late, but, by George, he did ride up. The curtain had not fallen after all.
      What most media-manipulators' reactive wisdom told them was that this meant the public sacrifice of Gonzales had been postponed for another two, three, maybe half a dozen news cycles. Then the ax.
      What they smelled is indeed a hiatus — albeit a fiercely narrow one. Yet, an opening it is.
      It is Bush's to exploit only if he moves with alacrity to beat the black hats to the draw.
      Bush's Place in History
      Here is a twitch in the poker opponent's eye, a heart flutter in the hesitant maiden's pulse, a fatal wrong twist in the crocodile's thrashings.
      This is George W. Bush's golden moment to turn history around, to transform doom into triumph.
      And here is how: While the Capitol Hill executioners are weight-testing the gallows' hemp for Gonzales's termination, their attention transfixed on their strategy's payoff, the president moves swiftly, compelling the mindless masscomm to drop Gonzales and track him. They must; that's where the public eye is fixed.
      Vice President Richard Cheney resigns. Actually, Cheney ought to — not because of the calumny thrown at him by the neo-Neanderthals of the left, but because he is (1) not well and (2) deserves a breather. Far better he leave office alive than deceased.
      The president accepts his resignation with regret and beckons him into the bosom of the White House as an untitled aide. It worked for Franklin D. Roosevelt with Harry Hopkins., who became the alter ego and undisputed messenger of FDR in foreign affairs. No one is better-suited for that role than Cheney.
      At this juncture does anyone think the world gives too hoots whether this or that member of Congress is issuing subpoenas or holding an inquisition over Gonzales?
      While the masscomm is off its axis over this development, the president exercises his constitutional option under the 25th Amendment and appoints a vice president to succeed Cheney.
      Bush leaves them hanging just so long, but no longer. At the precise moment, before they can rejuvenate themselves by instructing him whom to appoint, he acts.
      Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice becomes the first female vice president. She cannot decline her president's call to serve her country. The junior senator from New York has a tizzy, throws table lamps and bellows bad words.
      The last individual on earth she wants to meet in the 2008 presidential election is another woman. And as the new vice president, this suddenly puts Condoleezza Rice — no longer Osama Hussein Obama — at the top of Hillary's nightmare hit parade.
      No one's saying Condoleezza Rice will seek the Republican nomination for president, but there's no telling that she won't. It's all that everyone's speculating about.
      That has to give Obama severe gas pains. Not only is Condoleezza Rice a woman, she is also a black woman, and Obama is only a partially black man.
      True, the 25th Amendment requires that a president's appointment of a vice president to fill a vacancy must be approved by Congress — a majority of votes in both houses. Not a problem. Done deal.
      The president doesn't wait long before making his next move. Got to keep the juggernaut rolling.
      He names the Independent senator (nominally a Democrat) from Connecticut to become the new secretary of state.
      Next to Condoleezza Rice, Joseph Lieberman is arguably the person best qualified in either party to be secretary of state.
      And how many Democrats, even in the hydrophobic left, are going to line up to deny Joe Lieberman this nomination? OK, lots of them, but not nearly enough.
      Now, terror really begins to thunder down upon the Democratic Party. What if — oh, my God, what if! — the Republicans decide to go for a national-unity ticket in 2008?
      Condoleezza Rice for president! Joe Lieberman for vice president!
      The whole Democratic horse (and mare) race for the presidential nomination would be thrown into a cocked hat. Things would be tumbled up enough among the current Republican aspirants, but nothing like the chaos among the left.
      Republican wanna-bes would get over it. What choice would they have?
      And, then, in case not everyone gets the point, the president resigns.
      Seven-and-a- half years in the meat grinder are glory enough. Time to clear brush down on the ranch. Watch the hijinks on television from there, and get a good sleep every night.
      And what if the leftists in Congress persist in making a mountain out of a mole hill over those eight United States attorneys who were returned to private practice?
      The president decides Alberto Gonzales's brilliant legal counsel is needed back in the White House within hailing distance from the Oval Office — and appoints a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners attorney to succeed him as attorney general.
      With any luck, a former Tennessee senator, Fred Thompson, might be available.
      Everyone asks: "Who would want that job?"
      The answer: Whoever would want to get really tough on terrorists, whoever would like to begin the conversion of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from a largely law-enforcement agency into a stateside terrorism-investiga ting service, along the lines of MI5 in Britain.
      Whoever would understand Congress, from having served there and made friends and earned respect.
      No serious confirmation problems with Fred Thompson, either.
      Any presidential aspirations he might have would have to go on hold, At 64, he has time to wait.
      Unless of course President Condoleezza Rice should decide to select Thompson instead of Lieberman as her 2008 running mate.
      Any way you slice it, this is the golden moment for George W. Bush's master stroke, the fleeting moment to rescue his party, his nation and his own legacy.
      John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is a regular columnist for NewsMax.com
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