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Now the BBC's best have exposed how the UK has been funding terrorism!

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  • Peter Dow
    The BBC s flagship investigative programme - Panorama - has dramatically shown how the UK state is facilitating the funding arm of the terrorist organisation
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2006
      The BBC's flagship investigative programme - Panorama - has dramatically shown how the UK state is facilitating the funding arm of the terrorist organisation Hamas - "Interpal".
      * How the UK Charity Commission has approved terror funders "Interpal" a.k.a. Hamas. "Her Majesty's suicide bombers?"
      * How Ken Livingstone, London Mayor, shared a platform with 7/7 London terror-bomb ideologue Sheikh Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. Dimwit mayor OKs bombing his own voters?!
      Anyway, what we are seeing here is the best-of-British - the Panorama team - showing up the rest of the BBC royalists and incompetents - and exposing the UK state for the back-stabbing unreliable with-friends-like-these-who-needs-enemies? I've always said it was.
      Now I have previously prompted a few raised eyebrows and indeed protests on Rice for President Yahoo Group with my crockery-breaking fits every time Condi sucks up to the Queen, Prince Charles and the "United Kingdom" as opposed to "Britain".
      But this is just me giving the best advice to Condi and her team - BEWARE THE UK!
      Condistas rank amongst our number the best of many nations - and we are way ahead of the crowd in terms of winning the war on terror.
      Anyway here's a link to my recently updated webpage on this -
      And here's the BBC webpage which includes a link to watch the whole programme on the web.
      Faith, hate and charity
      Watch Panorama on Sunday 30 July at 2215 on BBC One to find out how a UK charity's donations have helped build support for Hamas, which is regarded by Europe and America as a terrorist organisation.
      John Ware investigates the London-based charity Interpal which gives funds to charities on the West Bank which help needy Palestinians.
      Panorama reveals some of these charities are linked to Hamas and help build support for the movement by spreading its Islamist ideology.
      Following elections in January, Hamas is the Palestinian government.
      John Ware visits two charities in the Hebron area which get funds from Interpal, including the Dura Islamic Society for Orphans, whose director Hashem Rjoub is a Hamas supporter.
      Interpal categorically denies it is helping to build support for the Hamas movement behind the banner of humanitarian aid.
      Interpal has been investigated twice by the Charity Commission in the UK which found no evidence of inappropriate activity.
      If you cannot watch Faith, Hate and Charity on Sunday 30 July at 2215 BST on BBC One or live on this site it will be available here on demand or repeated on BBC One on Thursday 3 August at 0105 BST
      Peter Dow,
      Owner, Rice for President Yahoo Group

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      Shield inside Dura Islamic Society for the Care of Orphans in Hebron
      JOHN WARE: I'm curious about that little sign up there. What exactly is it?
      HASHEM RJOUB, ORPHANAGE DIRECTOR: 'Do not disappoint the orphan.' This is a Koranic verse. The Koran encourages us to protect the orphan.
      JW: And that red colour coming down the arm and spilling over the world? What does that signify?
      HR: By God... It's not clear whether it's blood or not, but in truth it looks like it might be.
      JW: It conveys to me a picture of Islam dominating the world, and if necessary through bloodshed.
      HR: It's true. This picture expresses the vision of the person who drew it. This doesn't necessarily mean that these things exist. I want to stress that Islam has ruled most of the world without blood. There was no blood, it was through persuasion.