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7663Re: [RI_Ancestors] Anyone know this family?

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  • Jan Robison
    Mar 25, 2014

      I THINK they have found a relative who had this ring, but am waiting for a confirmation.  IF my oh, so dull, memory serves, it is a nephew of some sort who lives in NY.  I will copy and paste this into a message to the person who posted this on FB...

      Or, if YOU would prefer to, the person who posted this is Fiona Gorostiza


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      Cohen/Marcus families.

      I am a friend of A. Zalk whose mother was Jennie Marcus; they lived in Milford MA. ... just over the border from Rhode Island.
      I looked in ancestry and can only find one Marcus family in Pawtucket/Providence so I wrote to that person on ancestry.com.
      If you don't find anyone else, I assume my friend A. Zalk would like the keepsake because his mom was Jennie Marcus.  I tried
      to check for any other relatives ... A. Zalk's family came through Boston but then settled in Milford Ma.  Their family name is
      in the History of Milford MA as being one of the first families to set up a Jewish temple in the town.

      jean sanders

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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Anyone know this family?

      Found this on the ancestry COHEN message board, but I saw the post on FB today.  IF you know any living relatives of this couple, please let me know and I will forward it.  OR send me a friend request on FB and you can see the post yourself.  You can find my under my email addy:  ROBISONJL@....


      Someone of fb posted this:
      This wedding band was found in a Brooklyn sanitation garage sink. inscription inside reads "Albert H and Sara E. Sept 2nd 1913" please share with all of your FB friends. maybe we can find their children or g randchildren.
      I found this:
      **I found an Albert H Cohen married Sarah E Marcus on Sept 2nd 1913 in Rhode Island. 
      **He was a Lawyer b in Webster Mass but was from Worchester Mass at the time of marriage and she b in Russia from Providence RH. He was 24 and she was 22 at the time of their marriage. In 1953 they were living in Providence RI.
      ** Looks like they were married in a Hebrew Church by Israel Aubinstein (I couldn't see all the letters properly so spelling may be wrong!)
      **His fathers name was Harris and mothers name was Sarah Yerovitz.
      ** Sara Marcus fathers name was Julius mother Anna D Finkel.
      Please help me find living relatives!! Thank you!! 
      Also found he had second wife Charlotte and they had a son Harvey. When Albert passed Charlotte remarried Charles Bostock. I know where Albert is buried but what I am looking for is any LIVING RELATIVES. There has to be someone out there related to this man!
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