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  • Linda Peloquin
    Mar 15, 2014
      From what I gathered looking into this after deciding I might as well try for the other RI divorce in the family you can't cut the Family Court out of the loop entirely since you need to get the case number in order to work with Judicial Records and the FC Clerk's Office is who you have to contact to get the case number.

      Beyond getting the case number from Family Court, I can't see any other reason for them to be involved if Judicial Records has the file in their custody. It seems like if you obtain the case number from the FC Clerk's Office to deal further with them would just slow down the process of getting copies of the file since JR would have to have the retrieved from their storage & sent to them in Pawt. and then they'd have to send it to the Clerk's Office at Family Court.

      For my first instance, I had the file number but for the second one all I have so far are the names of the parties involved and a range of abt. 4 yrs during which the divorce probably took place so I'll have to call the Clerk's Office at Family Court for the case number. I'll be curious to see if they just look-up the case number and give it to me so I can access & copy the file out at the Judicial Records in Pawtucket or if FC will interject themselves into the process beyond just looking up the case number as you experienced.

      I agree that you need the complete file to learn about the minor children who most certainly would have been mentioned by name as to custody, visitation & child support.

      For your Washington Co divorce, it would seem that the complete file would be with Judicial Records in their off site storage. Did you call Pawtucket? What did they say?


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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Re: Divorce records in RI
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      Date: Friday, March 14, 2014, 6:39 PM

      I think you are right. Family Court won't do
      anything until they have the payment.
      should clarify that family court said the divorce exists,
      but was housed at archives or some other site and it (or
      copies) would be sent TO their office in Providence. This
      leads me to think that family court has an index, the names
      were looked up, a case number was found, phoned over to
      archives and the records located.
      If I had a
      case number first, I would have bypassed family court
      altogether and just dealt with archives.

      For my 1893 Washington County
      divorce, the archivist sent a great, color photocopy 1:1
      oversized page - basically an exact replica of the page in
      the record book! It came in a huge manila envelope and cost
      nothing to me. The envelope got a little bent, but so what?

      What I want from that case though is all
      the detail paperwork that went with it, the petition,
      evidence, etc.
      The divorce judgement, while
      great to have, makes no mention of the three kids this
      couple had together, for example.
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