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Anyone Wanna Rewilding Penpal?

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  • lboushee
    Hey rewilding New Englanders! I m Luke and I m from the home of the nutmeggers and good ol constitution state, Connecticut. Currently I m in the Dairyland ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2011
      Hey rewilding New Englanders! I'm Luke and I'm from the home of the nutmeggers and good 'ol constitution state, Connecticut. Currently I'm in the "Dairyland", Wisconsin at the Teaching Drum Outdoor School in an 11 month wilderness immersion program. I'm learnin' lots of primitive hard and soft skills directly, daily, nightly, by living them. Reconnecting with my wild self and surrounding wildlings. Healing from civilized conditioning. The future is an unknown for me but I generally expect to return new england, more specifically CT, to start putting down some roots and put my rewilding into practice at home. In the meantime I'd love to talk with and get networked with and share inspiration with other people interested in rewilding in my home territory. So if anyone out there feels like pen paling, here's my address.
      Luke Boushee
      7124 Military Road
      Three Lakes, WI
      I send and receive mail every quarter moon and only come out of the woods once a moon cycle on the new moon for email. So snail mail works best. And it's more fun! Just figured I'd throw this message out there and see if anyone wants to start some fun convos. Wild on wild humyns!
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