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Tomorrow's Gathering

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  • Daniel Quiray
    Hey again everyone! Thanks for the positive responses. It looks like our get together tomorrow is going to be at my residence, or at least meet here and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2010
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      Hey again everyone!  Thanks for the positive responses.  It looks like our get together tomorrow is going to be at  my residence, or at least meet here and maybe wander elsewhere.  Send me a private message for the address.  So far a few people have said they have ideas for activities and discussions.  I believe sharpening and care for tools was mentioned several times, and cordage work as well.  As always we'll have lively conversation, and I encourage everyone to take part in the potluck lunch, particularly if you have some wild foods to share.  I'm planning to make my venison adobo, and maybe some acorn muffins.

      The coming weeks' Sunday gatherings are likely to be foraging trips.  I gathered my first bag of acorns for the year today, and I'm excited.  Yesterday was my first time this year gathering autumn olives, another favorite.

      With love and rage,

      Daniel N. Quiray

      Rewild New England - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rewildnewengland/
      Twenty-nine Thousand Acorns - http://29000acorns.blogspot.com/
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