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And We're Back!

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  • Daniel Quiray
    Hey folks! Sorry for being so damned negligent lately! There s good news, though: we re starting the Rewilding Sundays back up! Like I said before, I want
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12 5:42 PM
      Hey folks!  Sorry for being so damned negligent lately!  There's good news, though: we're starting the Rewilding Sundays back up!  Like I said before, I want to have a regular time to get together, share skills, eat some food, and maybe experience to world animistically.  Sunday mornings seem like a good time, especially those of us who don't find religion in the normal manner of this culture (sorry for those Christians who attend church and can't attend, but hopefully we can make some of these all day events).  It seems for the foreseeable future that I won't be scheduled for night shifts, so I think we can make this a regular thing.

      So RI rewilders, this Sunday let's meet somewhere.  I like public parks for gatherings, though we can't always do everything we want there.  We can also use my house as a gathering place again, and a couple of members have mentioned using their residences.  Let's try to meet around 9:30 am.  In case your attendance depends on it, I'm planning to make some of my venison adobo, which went over marvelously with human and canine alike.

      I also want to revive my old efforts to have meet-ups in different cities in the area.  I've felt like my RI focus, living here and all, has excluded lots of other people from getting together, so I'd like to meet with people in Worcester, Springfield, and maybe a city each in Eastern and Western CT.

      Also, plans are afoot for a multi-day Rewild Camp!  I had hoped to have it in August, but since we were delayed in planning it seems like September is more plausible.  Nicer weather, too.

      Also also, in the coming weeks I'll be doing another workshop at Feels Like Ohm coffee house in West Warwick, RI.  Having introduced rewilding, anti-civ thought, and a number of related issues at the last one, this one will be more focused on material ways to spark rewilding culture(s).  I'll be starting at the base here and going over some basics of shifting our food source to be less dependent on supermarkets and industrial agriculture.  Hopefully I'll manage to write the zine I'm planning, and pass out free copies to people who attend.

      And the final also: autumn olives are starting to get ripe, a few weeks early like everything this year.  While this is an issues of consternation for several reasons, we might as well make use of the bounty.  Acorns have started to drop a few now and then, so I'm guessing they'll be early too.  Who wants to forage with me?  I'm thinking about buying a nut cracker that can do a ton of acorns quickly, so if anyone wants to go in on that we can all share it.

      With love and rage,

      Daniel N. Quiray

      Rewild New England - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rewildnewengland/
      Twenty-nine Thousand Acorns - http://29000acorns.blogspot.com/
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