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  • Daniel Quiray
    So I ve totally been ignoring this group. Oops. I ve been busy getting stuff together and working a wage slave job, and sort of ignored this list for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2010
      So I've totally been ignoring this group.  Oops.  I've been busy getting stuff together and working a wage slave job, and sort of ignored this list for Facebook.  So a quick update is in order.

      Tomorrow night is the first meeting of the reading discussion group in RI.  We'll be discussing three works:

      "The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race" by Jared Diamond
      available athttp://www.environnement.ens.fr/perso/claessen/agriculture/mistake_jared_diamond.pdf

      "The Original Affluent Society" by Marshall Sahlins
      available at http://staffwww.fullcoll.edu/amande/sahlins.pdf

      and the first few (up to ten?) of Jason Godesky's "The Thirty Theses", available at http://tobyspeople.com/anthropik/thirty/

      The main idea behind choosing these essays is that we can establish a baseline of human behavior and experience, from which we can compare civilization and examine racism, sexism, and other similarly cheery topics in reference to anti-civ ideas.  They're also great texts for very accurately dispelling the misinformation about indigenous peoples and our own histories that we're force fed in our culture.

      The meeting is planned to take place at Tealuxe on Thayer St. in Providence.

      Also, last Saturday was the trial meeting of the Rewild New England knitting/sewing/crochet/etc. group, a.k.a.  the Anti-Civ Stitch n' Bitch.  We met at Brewed Awakenings Coffee House on Rt. 5 in Johnston, RI, around 5 or 6. Hope some more of you can make it this week.

      And to make it up to all of you who are just on this list and not the Facebook page, I'll announce here first that for this month's gathering (yes, last month's basically fell through) I'm hoping to do some winter foraging.  This will of course involve trudging around in the cold and snow, but I bet there are plenty of you who don't mind.  If we're successful enough, we can even come inside at the end and cook up some wild foods (but I'll have other snacks in case we're not)!  This will be Saturday the 30th.

      With love and rage,

      Daniel N. Quiray

      Rewild New England - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rewildnewengland/
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