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Fwd: MNN Peace Caravan heads for Akwesasne

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  • Daniel Quiray
    ... From: Mohawk Nation News Date: Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 3:55 PM Subject: MNN Peace Caravan heads for Akwesasne To:
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      Date: Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 3:55 PM
      Subject: MNN Peace Caravan heads for Akwesasne
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      MNN.  June 28, 2009.  To support the Mohawks of Akwesasne who refuse to allow the border guards to carry guns at the CBSA check point, a Peace Caravan will be arriving on  Wednesay, June 30.  It  will start in Six Nations and head east on the 401 to the  Cornwall exit.  The Six Nations police will be escorting the caravan over the International Bridge to Kahwenoke, Cornwall Island, to the tent site next to the former Canada Customs at approx. 3pm.  There may be over 200 cars plus 4 buses.  Hundreds of supporters are expected.  Many are arriving on Tues. June 29th.  All are welcome to stay for July 1st to hear speakers and take part in socials.

      For those coming from the US side or making donations, they may go to or cross over from Loran Thompson’s Dock or Mac’s Marina at the old church in St. Regis, off Highway 37 to Cornwall Island.

      Bring your camping gear.

      NEEDED:  water, food and money.  Funds would be greatly appreciated:  Go to www.akwesasnewomensfire.com and donate online.  For donations by check or money order please send to:  Akwesasne Womens Fire, 936 Island Rd, Akwesasne  ON  K6H 5R7

      For further information please contact:  Rosemarie White  613-933-8784; Veronica Cook; 915-886-0210; Neddy Thompson   613-577-4647; and Nona Benedict 613-551-5421 (c)   613-938-8145 (h) nonabena@...

      NOTE:  Please disregard the unsigned June 27th press release from the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne which tried to redirect supporters to Ottawa.  [613-936-1548 bwhite@...].  Health Canada also gave a dire warning for Indigenous communities to stay away from large social gatherings to stop the spread of swine flu.  Former Chief Nona Benedict responded:  “Does this mean July 1 Fireworks are canceled, as well as all future lacrosse games at the arena and the Akwesasne Pow-wow?”

      Canada is reviving the old tactic of disinformation, intimidation and threats.  We are in the right.  We don’t want guns!  This is a time to negotiate from a position of strength, not fear or weakness.  We can’t have appeasers make deals behind our backs.  If we start giving away piecemeal, eventually we will wind up with nothing.

      The Mohawks are obviously not going to break the peace that has pervaded the situation from the beginning to now.  The Peacemaker Dekanawida and our ancestors will be proud of the message of peace that we have maintained.  If anybody causes trouble, it will be outside agitators, police forces, military, undercover agents and professional trouble makers.  We won’t fall for it.  We will protect each other.

      We thank everybody for supporting us.

      Posted by:  Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News, www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@...  Go to MNN “BORDER” category for more stories;

      Daniel N. Quiray

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