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97boston meet up

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  • asfblue
    Mar 10, 2009
      I am actually not going to be in town on Friday. Obviously don't make the meeting contingent on my being able to attend, but I could definitely make it any day next week, if you wanted to wait... Otherwise maybe I can make it down to one of the seemingly more frequent Worcester meetings.
      Also re: City Feed- it's on Centre St in Jamaica Plain, which is the main drag through town, so it's easy to find. I don't drive so I can't offer my own set of directions, though if people are interested in going there, I'm sure you could find directions online. Or if human-generated directions are preferred, I can ask my trusty car-owning roommate, who's good with those sorts of things.

      --- In rewildnewengland@yahoogroups.com, Daniel Quiray <zalon13@...> wrote:
      > Oh, also: What time should we meet?
      > On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 12:28 AM, Daniel Quiray <zalon13@...> wrote:
      > > That stuff sounds wicked cool.
      > > And yea, I was hoping to head up to Boston to hopefully meet some of you on
      > > Friday. Chances are that I won't be working that night. Is that place you
      > > mentioned easy to find for someone inexperienced in the ways of navigating
      > > Boston?
      > >
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