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84Re: [rewildnewengland] Re: Central Meeting?

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  • Daniel Quiray
    Feb 23, 2009
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      I hope you guys can carpool or something.  Hopefully, you can get something going up in Vermont, too! (Kris and I totally want to move up there!)

      This Wednesday, I'll be going to Brewed Awakenings (Johnston, RI) at around 7 PM.  I hope to get some further planning of spring-time events done there, though it's just as likely to devolve into card games like last time (card games, luckily, make a very good rewilding past time).

      Also, we scouted out a great coffee place in Worcester today.  The location is Acoustic Java on Main Street.  Hopefully, we can meet some people up there, talk a little about rewilding, and maybe make some plans.

      I've been thinking more about the necessity of what we're trying to put together, especially considering the way things are turning.  Unless you're living under a rock (hmmm, a rock...probably not good roofing...), you know how bad the economy is and how it effects our lives.  Everything is getting more expensive, especially food.    Aside from the overarching goal I've stated I have here to build a community (or several!), I think it's becoming more immediately necessary to become more independent with regards to our food.  Foraging and horticulture are things that are going to be really helpful to us soon.  Permaculture and guerrilla gardening now can be investments in our food self-sufficiency later.  Knowing some tricks to subsistence hunting and fishing will likewise help us sustain ourselves and our families.  Even thinking from the civilized point of view, as so many of us try to have one foot in and one foot out of civilization, these things just make sense in a purely cost/gain sense.  At the very least, our wallets will thank us.

      Daniel N. Quiray

      Rewild New England - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rewildnewengland/
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