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79Re: [rewildnewengland] Re: Central Meeting?

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  • Joey Lott
    Feb 20, 2009
      I'm interested in the ideas for events that are activity-based such as
      the foraging idea.


      On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 9:15 AM, Daniel Quiray <zalon13@...> wrote:
      > Hello? Is this thing on? :P
      > I guess I'll have to suggest something more specific myself, and then see
      > how it works for people.
      > First, I'd like to have another meeting at Brewed Awakenings in Johnston,
      > RI, either Wednesday the 25th or Friday the 27th. 7 or 8 PM seems good for
      > people on most standard work schedules.
      > A week later or so, Wednesday March 4th or Friday March 6th seem like a good
      > time to meet in Worcester, MA for people more centrally located. Like I
      > said, Tortilla Sam's is a good place, though I'm going to check up on some
      > cafes and similar places conducive to hanging out. If we can find a good
      > place, I would like to make meetings in Worcester at least a semi-regular
      > thing.
      > And finally, to follow a similar pattern, the week after on either Wednesday
      > March 11th or Friday March 13th, I'd like to try meeting people somewhere in
      > Boston. There HAVE to be some neat places in Boston, so that shouldn't be a
      > problem.
      > There are a few things I'd specifically like to plan with people soon at
      > these meetings, aside from just general community building. In addition to
      > talking about important topics in rewilding (community, gift and barter
      > economies, social structures, etc.), and perhaps going over my Rewilding 101
      > stuff again for those who haven't heard it, I'd like to put together some
      > seasonal activities having to do with things like gardening. If we could
      > find a place a handful of us could garden together, that would be great, but
      > if that proves unworkable for some of us I was also thinking of hosting a
      > seedball making party to help us engage in a little 'guerrilla gardening'.
      > A few months from now we could also plan some foraging walks.
      > --
      > Daniel N. Quiray
      > Rewild New England - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rewildnewengland/
      > Lightning Pop - http://lightningpop.etsy.com
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