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262Website with my braintanned hides, crafts, and what I'm up to

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  • cybrmarc2001
    Mar 11, 2011
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      Hey everyone,
      Not sure if I've introduced myself here...and since I'm about to ask for help making a living, I feel like giving you all that.
      My name's Marcus, I live in mid-western NH at a land-trust community called Dancing Bones. These days I'm living in a "wigwam-inspired" underground lodge (I'm told I can't call it a wigwam by many...maybe because it has corrugated metal, a subwoofer, and a coffee machine?)
      Since relocating back to NH after doing the lost early-20-something thing, and living in the woods for about 4 years, I've been learning what's available for foraging and scavenging in the area. My stores are low by now, but I came across a lot of bear fat, dumpsterable deer carcases, fall edibles, berries, some fish, and - the main thing right now: hides.
      I decided to launch into tanning hides as a way to make a living, at least financially, and I've been tanning whole hides for sale to people who do re-enactments, natives who do ceremonies, or whomever. Plus I enjoy the sparks and tribulations of inventing new craft items out of buckskin (like buckskin baseball caps with rawhide brims, or using the edibles I gathered to make jewelry: rib-bone and black walnut shell bracelets).
      So, getting to the original point, I need more people to know about what I'm doing with the hides: they're for sale, I do custom order craft items, and can even customize a hide for what you want it for (dyed, grain on, supple and thick or big and flat, ect.) I'm also starting to teach hands-on classes this spring, for those that want to learn the skill themselves. My website with info on all of that is :

      thanks for making it this far,
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