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190Monthly gatherings/skillshares/potlucks

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  • Daniel Quiray
    Sep 2, 2009
      I'm hoping to start something new for the group, to help us start really building our sustainable communities and perhaps have some fun while we're at it. To help this, I want to start arranging monthly gatherings in my area, and hopefully some of you will start putting something similar together in your own areas (I'll try to drive out and help any of you in MA and CT, and perhaps parts of nearby VT and NH).  I envision these monthly meetings to be sort of like miniature rewild camps, in which we get together for much or all of the day in some forested area (public parks?), and share skills, stories, music, and food, and generally have a good time.  Like the rewild camps that others are holding around the country, I'm hoping to have them be Open Space gatherings, meaning that anyone can present on whatever they want, and see if others are interested.  Also, setting these up as regular events will hopefully allow people interested in attending to better be able to work their schedules around them.  Remember, even if you don't think you have something to contribute, you probably do; building a healthy, sustainable culture requires a lot more than starting fires with sticks or learning to shoot a bow.  In winter months we'll probably move inside and focus on crafts and other winter activities.

      Having them monthly can give us opportunities to have different wild food harvests each time.  One of the reasons I'm bringing it up now is that the big harvest season is starting; the autumn olives have just started ripening in some spots, the acorns are just starting to fall, and soon apple orchards will be full of trees with branches bent with the weight of fruit.  These are hugely valuable food sources, even if the acorns need some processing.  One thing I really hope to do this month is gather a ton of acorns and process them all into acorn meal.  I have a hand-crank grain mill, which works perfectly on nuts.  Hunting season is also creeping up, and the hunters in the group might want to share how they prepare and other related information beforehand.

      For my area, RI and nearby CT and MA, I'm thinking of having the first monthly gathering at either Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, RI, or at Douglas State Forest in Douglas, MA.  The date I'm thinking of is Saturday, September 26th, and the idea would be to continue to have it on the last Saturday of each month.  If you're interested, please let me know what you'd prefer and we can plan accordingly.

      Daniel N. Quiray

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