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  • joebcrowe@earthlink.net
    Here s what we re cramming down your chimney-hole right now: RevolutionSF Fiction has the penultimate chapter of Houseboat on the River Styx and K.M.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2005
      Here's what we're cramming down your chimney-hole right now:

      RevolutionSF Fiction has the penultimate chapter of "Houseboat on the River
      Styx" and K.M. Praschak's "Armageddon Clearance Sale."

      There's a new edition of our letters page, with some funny, funny linkage
      (in which someone says "Koo-loo."). And there's a ton of grousing,
      semi-entertaining comments, and verbose rants. And that's just from me!

      DVD details for Sky High, which contained Lynda Carter. Happy holidays to

      A review of the boardgame Zombies!!!Mid-Evil!!! As I understand it, it's
      about zombies.

      Shane Ivey's ode to shows in reruns and Battlestar Galactica clip shows
      that you have to pay for on iTunes.

      If you haven't seen the Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia video from "Saturday
      Night Live," then, well, you have to do that. It's not on our site, but we
      claim it as something you will enjoy. You can also take the the
      RevolutionSF Poll. Also about Narnia, amusing in a different way.

      Then check out RevSFPod, my look at Christmas novelty songs. It's a good
      place for you to get ideas to bit-torrent and iTune the living poop out of
      you some music. Like, splam! You know what I mean?

      There are other Christmasy things on our site that you may also enjoy. Not
      the least of which is the Star Wars Holiday Special. Have you a copy? Well,
      you need to find one, mister.

      And you can join our forums, because by doing so, you can win prizes from
      us. When we hit 100 members, I get my wings!

      Everyone enjoy your celebratory time, by sacrificing cranberries to make
      sauce or whatever it is you do. And if you do nothing, hey, happy Sunday!
      Go buy yourself something and wrap it up in pretty paper! Then unwrap it!
      Then make up some big fat fib about how a dude from the North Pole brought
      it to you! Merry Sunday, everybody!

      Thank you deeply for coming to RevolutionSF.

      Joe Crowe

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