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We'll Be In Our Bunks

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  • joebcrowe@earthlink.net
    We ll Be In Our Bunks Lordy Pete, at the update! We ve got about a half-zillion new things on RevolutionSF. As my grandma would say, it s enough to choke a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2005
      We'll Be In Our Bunks

      Lordy Pete, at the update! We've got about a half-zillion new things on
      RevolutionSF. As my grandma would say, it's enough to choke a mule.
      Our early review of the Serenity movie is front and center, with all the
      Firefly & Serenity related stuff we've done lately. Including two reports
      from preview screenings, links to the River Tam Sessions, the roleplaying
      game, the comic series, and the DVD collection of Firefly.
      And there's the Firefly Quote-O-Matic on the main page. A new quote from
      the series appears every time you refresh the page, so refresh early and
      often. With every page refresh, a RevolutionSF writer earns his wings.

      I watched my eyeballs off so as to provide reviews for four new sci-fi TV
      series. And we talk about Lost.

      We have a plethora of comics coverage and a new comics editor. Please, be
      gentle with him.

      Fiction? We have that. Houseboat on the Styx continues, and new fiction:
      Tamara Wilhite's "A Human Race Against Time."

      Our advice column Dear Aby returns.

      One Bat-fan sees little hope in current Bat-comics.

      A book on the afterlife, and movies Corpse Bride, Steamboy, and Cry Wolf.

      Winners trumpeted atop the hills, and new contest questions involving
      George Lucas, Lost, and Serenity.

      Your letters, our responses. And a link to a funny Cthulhu movie. There's a
      new RevolutionSF poll, too.

      Take that, cyberspace! Tell those whom you care for that you find
      RevolutionSF interesting. Then come by the non-busted RevSF forums and talk
      to us.

      Thank you very much for coming to RevolutionSF.com. We go to sleepy now.

      Joe Crowe

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