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Come See Us! Caves, Contests, and Conventions

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    Here s what we put up on RevolutionSF, as we pack our black T-shirts for a trip to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. (Just kidding. We re not wearing black
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      Here's what we put up on RevolutionSF, as we pack our black T-shirts for a
      trip to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia.

      (Just kidding. We're not wearing black T-shirts. People, it's summer in the
      South. Are you crazy?)

      Reviews of:
      THE CAVE

      A new round of RevSF contests, and winners for the most recent ones. The
      new contests include:
      Six Degrees of The Island to Gilligan's Island
      Sci-Ku: The Fantastic Four movie
      Funny List: Funniest Answer to the Question "Are You A Sci-Fi Geek?"
      Sci-Fi Theorizer: What's the deal with ... 23rd century technology on
      original Star Trek looking like 1960s technology?

      We also have links to another video in the Serenity-plugging "R. Tam

      And this weekend... we're going to Dragon*Con! We're on panels. Panels, in
      addition to providing a cool place to sit down (if you get there early),
      also offer us opportunities to produce enjoyable entertainment for you, our
      beloved viewers. Because we are gregarious!

      Or smarty-pantsed, depending on your point of view.

      So come down and see us. Here are the panels that I, Joe Crowe, am set to
      appear on:

      11:30: "RevloutionSF" panel, wherein we'll talk about cartoons. And much
      other stuff, including typos on online program grids.

      2:30: Enterprise: The Final Verdict, in which I will attempt to not anger
      the guy who played Trip, who'll be on the panel and thus, able to give me
      an elbow smash whenever he wants.

      5:30: Andromeda: The Final Verdict (American SF TV track)

      7: Future of the Star Trek Franchise (In which I insist they take a long,
      long nap.)

      8:30 Age Appropriate SF? (Is modern SF for kids, or are we just old?)
      (American SF TV track)

      Sunday: 11:30: Sci-Fi from 1970s to 1990s (Classic SF track)
      (Yay! We finally get to talk about Manimal in public!)

      Sunday 4: Stump the Geeks game show (I'm the host! Heckling welcome)

      Sunday 5:30: From Book to Film (Classic SF track)

      Sunday 7 p.m. Hi Honey, I'm Home: Return of the 4400 (American Sci-Fi TV

      Shane Ivey, Rachel Ivey, Kevin Pezzano, and writer James Palmer will be
      gadding about madly, also.

      Bring your Sci-Fi Convention Quest forms, and earn MAD POINTS, people!

      Thank you very much for coming to RevolutionSF.

      Come by and see us at the con. When you do, be sure to tell us that you
      want your Duran Duran albums back.

      Joe Crowe

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