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  • Charles Larkin
    Professor Marshall s recommendation of van Kooten s JSNT article The Year of the Four Emperors and the Revelation of John is most welcome. The consensus
    Message 1 of 47 , Dec 3, 2007
      Professor Marshall's recommendation of van Kooten's JSNT
      article "The Year of the Four Emperors and the Revelation
      of John" is most welcome.

      The consensus dating of Revelation may indeed place it too
      late. We all know J.A.T. Robinson's arguments in favor of
      an earlier dating for virtually all the NT works.

      One destabilizing factor which has not yet penetrated into
      most scholarship on Christian Origins is the proposed
      for the tenure of Pontius Pilate
      as prefect of Judea.

      Two leading historians have now
      argued that Pilate
      actually arrived in Judea as early as CE 18 or 19,
      considerably earlier
      than the traditional date of CE 26 based on Josephus'
      schema in Book 18 of The Antiquity of the Jews.

      In his 1992 "Studies in the Jewish Background of
      Christianity", Daniel Schwartz,
      professsor of Jewish history at Hebrew University in
      Jerusalem, presented an
      elegant argument in defence of the earlier dating for
      Pilate. More recently, Professor
      Steve Mason of York University (also the general editor of
      the Brill Josephus)
      published an essay "Encountering the Past through the
      Works of Flavius Josephus"
      (in Historical Knowledge in Biblical Antiquity, Brill,
      2006) in which he supports
      the earlier dating for Pilate as proposed by Schwartz.
      There is numismatic evidence
      as well to support the earlier dating.

      While these developments do not force us to re-open Robert
      Eisler's arguments in favor
      of a crucifixion date as early as CE 19, they certainly
      invite us to do so. It may be that
      Christian Origins go back deeper into the past than we had
      previously believed. By jump starting the Christian
      movement by
      nearly a decade we might better understand the apparent
      notoriety of the Christians in Neronian Rome. An earlier
      dating for Pilate (and therefore the crucifixion) might
      (at long last) justify the claim of Melito of Sardis that
      "our philosophy", i.e. Christianity, began under the reign
      of Augustus -- a statement that has plagued church
      historians for

      As Gibbon maintained, in history chronology is everything!

      Thanks again to Professor Marshall!

      Charles G. Larkin
      Department of Philosophy and Religion
      Saint Leo University -- Savannah (USA)

      On Sun, 2 Dec 2007 19:36:35 -0500
      "John W. Marshall" <john.marshall@...> wrote:
      > Revlisters,
      > Regarding arguments for a pre-Domitianic date, see most
      > George H. van Kooten. 2007. "The Year of the Four
      >Emperors and the
      > Revelation of John: The 'pro-Neronian' Emperors Otho and
      >Vitellius, and the
      > Images and Colossus of Nero in Rome " *JSNT* 30.2 pp.
      > I think that van Kooten's arguments deserve serious
      >attention and discussion
      > on this list
      > --jwm
      > ________________________________
      > John W. Marshall
      > Assistant Professor, Department for the Study of
      >Religion, University
      > of Toronto
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    • Laszlo Hubbes
      Dear Dr. Ian R. Brown, I would full-heartedly suggest among many others Christopher Rowland s and Judith Kovacs s volume on Revelation in the Blackwell Bible
      Message 47 of 47 , Dec 10, 2007
        Dear Dr. Ian R. Brown,

        I would full-heartedly suggest among many others

        Christopher Rowland's and Judith Kovacs's volume on Revelation in the
        Blackwell Bible Commentaries series. (Blackwell Publishing, 2004) - A
        brilliant multi-aspect and multi-level commentary on the Apocalypse, with an
        added emphasis on its reception history.

        Best regards,

        Hubbes Laszlo


        HUBBES L�szl�-Attila, PhD

        Str. Gabor Aron ut 14,
        520008, Sfantu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyorgy),
        judetul Covasna.
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        e-mail: biblio@....

        visiting lecturer
        530104 Miercurea Ciuc (Csikszereda)
        Piata Libertatii (Szabadsag ter) 1
        Tel.: +40 266-314 657,
        Fax: +40 266�372 099
        E-mail: ghkar@...,
        Web: www.csik.sapientia.ro

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