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The WTC Tragedy

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  • Kym Smith
    Dear Listers, I would rather not send this post but I feel compelled to do so. May I prefix it with an expression of sorrow for those who have in any way been
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2001
      Dear Listers,

      I would rather not send this post but I feel compelled to do so. May I
      prefix it with an expression of sorrow for those who have in any way been
      involved or affected and an assurance that our prayers sre for you. Even
      here in Adelaide we are not far from it. The brother of a man that I work
      with was in NY and planned a trip to the WTC at 11.00am of the morning on
      which the terrorists struck. A number of Australians also lost their lives
      in buildings and in the aircraft.

      Nevertheless, I wonder if there is some link here between these events and
      the book around which this forum is centred. I cannot read Rev 18 without
      thinking of the WTC at this time. I do not want there to be a link and I
      hope there is not, but I must ask the question.

      If we understand that all that the Rev was about was fulfilled in the first
      century, then we will not be looking for connections. If, however, we
      understand that the Reve is looking towards the end of the age and is yet to
      have its ultimate fulfilment, then we must ever be watchful.

      Please understand that as I ponder this, I am not linking Rev 18 with
      America, but with the world financial system of which the WTC is/was
      probably more than just a symbol. If this is so, then we have to understand
      that those evil forces which destroyed it were instruments of God's judgment
      (Rev 18:20f), but the OT is full of examples of God using evil regimes to
      bring about his judgments - and they are not outside of his actions either.
      Nor does that mean that everyone who suffered was personally deserving of
      this judgment.

      One thing that bothers me - if a connection can be drawn - is that the
      events of the last week have evoked a situation where many nations could
      agree to uniting in a world system far more severe than anything we have yet
      known. In the name of defeating terrorism - a defeat which would be fairly
      instant if all finance was controlled and forbidden from those who would use
      it to buy arms and train terrorists - a worldwide system could easily be
      argued for. It has not been until our day that the technology for such a
      system has been available, but now we could link DNA, fingerprints or irises
      to bank accounts which would exclude any who refuse to be part of the
      system. How much does that sound like Rev 13:11-18, especially vv. 16-17.

      Now let me repeat, I do not want these connections to be true and I
      desperately hope that they are not, but we are called to watch. At the very
      least, let's be alert and watch. Hopefully all will pass, but sooner or
      later one generation is going to have to face the end and there is no reason
      why it should not be ours. As I said at the start, I did not want to post
      this, but I feel compelled to do so. I hope and pray that my imagination is
      just a little over fertile, but I, for one, will be watching.

      I am about to go on a school trip to Canberra for a week so I may not be
      able to participate/respond to any discussion, but I felt I could not go
      without posting these thoughts. Hopefully I will stil be acceptable on the
      forum when I return.

      Gripped by His grace,

      Kym Smith
      South Australia
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