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  • ksmith@standrews.sa.edu.au
    Dear Rev. listers, My book, Redating the Revelation and… has arrived. The bad news is that the printers made the covers too small and trimmed the book to
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      Dear Rev. listers,

      My book, "Redating the Revelation and…" has arrived. The bad news is
      that the printers made the covers too small and trimmed the book to
      match. The good news is that this flaw means that the first batch
      will be cheaper than those that follow, they just don't look as
      good as they could. The whole book is there, only the borders are
      reduced to about 5mm on each side.

      Subtitled "...a Reconstruction of the Sixties of the First Century,
      Giving the Context and Completion of the New Testament", it is
      paperback, 314pp (i-xx + 1-294),
      ISBN 0-9579289-0-4
      Sherwood Publications
      P.O. Box 240
      South Australia 5051

      Sorry, but I can only deal by cheque at the moment. The cost of a
      book outside of Australia for this first run is $US22.50 or
      equivalent. Within Australia $27.50 (includes GST). Send cheques to
      the address above. Any correspondence can be directed to me at that
      address or by e-mail to:

      The blurb on the back cover is as follows:
      "In `Redating the Revelation and…' Kym Smith has argued
      that the
      Revelation was not only given early, but that it preceded most of the
      New Testament. With such a date, relationships between the Apocalypse
      and other books have emerged, and these have allowed a reconstruction
      of the sixties of the first century. The reconstruction effectively
      follows on from The Acts of the Apostles and gives an historical
      context for the completion of the New Testament.
      Here, then, answers are offered to a number questions. What happened
      to Paul after his two years of house-arrest in Rome? Who wrote
      Hebrews and why? What is the relationship between the Synoptic
      Gospels? What is their connection with the Gospel of John? What gave
      rise to the office of Bishop? And many more…
      While the author accepts that much of this work is, by necessity,
      speculative, if the scenarios presented are only close to the actual
      events, then much has been done here to fill the gaps in our
      understanding of the origins of the Scriptures and the life of the
      later, apostolic Church."

      The book has three main sections:
      1. Redating the Revelation [pp.1-65]
      2. An Historical Reconstruction 61-69AD [pp. 67-133]
      3. The New Testament Books (61-69AD) [pp. 135-189]

      and four appendices:
      1. The Nicolaitans [pp. 193-240]
      2. The Apostolic Expectation of the Parousia [pp. 241-245]
      3. The Synoptic Problem: A Solution [pp. 247-269]
      4. Peter's Travels and Ministry [pp. 271-287]

      I hope it might interest some of you.


      Kym Smith
      South Australia
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