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  • Hubbes László-Attila
    Dear Mr. Somsel and everybody I m already more than happy with these prompt and promising answers - and let me thank explicitly to Lynn Huber, Otto Nordgreen
    Message 1 of 4 , May 31, 2006
      Dear Mr. Somsel
      and everybody

      I'm already more than happy with these prompt and promising answers -
      and let me thank explicitly to Lynn Huber, Otto Nordgreen and
      ofcourse, You, that you kindly responded to me. I didn't even hope to
      get an answer to my request.
      I apologize for not being clear enough from the very first moment.
      Here I cite the most important (but not exclusive) articles that I
      need - taken from Dr. Felix Just's (whom I thank for that great site)
      collection of links:

      <<The following articles from past issues of Semeia are currently
      unavailable, but will hopefully be put on line again soon:
      "The Early Christian Apocalypses" - by Adela Yarbro Collins; Semeia
      14: Apocalypse: The Morphology of a Genre (1979)
      "Introduction: Towards the Morphology of a Genre" - by John J.
      Collins; also Semeia 14 (1979)
      "The Problem of Apocalyptic Genre and the Apocalypse of John" - by
      David Hellholm; Semeia 36 (1986) 13-64
      "The Apocalypse of John and the Problem of Genre" - by David E. Aune;
      Semeia 36 (1986) 65-96>>

      I've known of these articles for many years already, but I also knew,
      that I could not hope to reach them (I haven't had permanent net
      connection until recently), because I'm too far away from America.
      Yes, I well know that there are copyright problems - that's why I
      wrote in my previous letter: "these issues are withdrawn from
      the public domain exactly from financial considerations"... But, I'm a
      librarian, I'm a translator, I have graduated an international course
      on Intellectual Propriety Rights (WIPO) - so I'm well aware of all the
      problems related to these articles.

      It's high time to explain why I need these articles... As I told in my
      earlier brief introduction, I'm working on a study related to the
      visual depictions and literary developments of the Revelation and
      other apocalypses, from an aesthetic aspect. This would be my
      PhD-thesis. In fact, I've already finished it and defended it before
      the first instance last October. Now I'm doing some corrections and
      clarifications on and in my thesis, in order to get it ready for the
      final public presentation. In the first chapter of this work I have
      referred - unfortunately only from secondary sources - to the
      definitions and problematics constructed or raised by these authors.
      In short, my interest is somehow the same: I'm deeply involved in
      solving a great mistery (for me) - why on earth does aesthetics not
      speak (so naturally) of Apocalyptic as a basic aesthetical cathegory
      like it does of Tragic or Comic or Sublime and so on... So, I'm doing
      an inventory of artistic depictions of the Revelation and other
      apocalypses over the ages, trying to define a list of proper
      apocalyptic motifs in any arts (mainly literature and visual, but not
      only), and determine, wether we could speak of a so-called Apocalyptic
      not just as a (religious-literary) genre, but also as an axiological-
      aesthetical-philosofical cathegory...
      As soon as I managed to finish my work (presumably towards the end of
      this summer) I will make and english summary of it, and make it
      available for the members of this list.

      So, I emphasize that I have no other intentions with these texts than
      to cite them academically correctly and exactly, and ofcourse, to read
      them thoroughly.

      Thank you for your kind offer to help, I will return with more details.

      Best wishes:
      Hubbes Laszlo

      --- In revelation-list@yahoogroups.com, George F Somsel <gfsomsel@...>
      > Hubbes,
      > I do have the complete collection of Semeia, and I would be happy
      to send portions to you. The difficulty lies in the fact that your
      request is so broad that there would be more material involved than I
      could possibly send you. Also, there might be a question of
      copyright. If you have some sections which are of interest and could
      delineate them sufficiently, perhaps I would be able to help you.
      > george
      > gfsomsel
      > _________
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