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Re: [revelation-list] New moderator

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  • Charles Larkin, 42130
    Dear Tim: Congratulations for assuming the task List Moderator. Are you aware of any studies which explore the relation (if any) of the implied time sequence
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 24, 2006
      Dear Tim:

      Congratulations for assuming the task List Moderator.

      Are you aware of any studies which explore the relation
      (if any) of the implied time sequence in Revelation to the
      calculations of Archbishop Ussher in his "Annales Veteris
      Testamenti, etc"? According to Ussher's schema the year
      AD 2000 would have marked (approximately) six thousand
      years since the creation of Adam.

      As I'm sure you know, the earliest Christians believed
      that human history would run for 6,000 years -- to be
      followed by the Great Sabbath. These early Christian
      beliefs are to be found in "The Epistle of Barnabas," "The
      Divine Institutes" of Lactantius, etc., based on the
      passages from Ps. 90 and II Peter that state "one day with
      the Lord is as a thousand years for mankind." Saint
      Augustine and others express similar views on Biblical
      historiography. But I'm unaware of any current literature
      on the subject. Perhaps someone might be able to provide
      some guidance.

      Best wishes,
      Charles G. Larkin
      Department of Philosophy and Religion
      Saint Leo University
      Savannah Center

      On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 09:18:19 -0500
      "Timothy P. Jenney" <drjenney@...> wrote:
      >Hi, everyone!
      >The timing of Dr. Adamsen's announcement caught me a bit
      >by surprise, as I
      >have been out of the office for several days. I am, of
      >course, both willing
      >and honored to serve as moderator for this list, of which
      >I have been a
      >member for more than ten years.
      >I trust that I will continue to manage this list in the
      >fine tradition
      >established by Georg Adamsen, to whom we all owe a huge
      >round of thanks.
      >This has been a great couple of decades for those of us
      >interested in
      >Revelation, as we have seen the publication of a number
      >of scholarly major
      >works by Aune, Beale, Schussler-Fiorenza, Thompson and
      >others. Though those
      >"big" names rarely appear on postings to this list, I
      >trust that our
      >discussions have advanced the overall scholarly
      >understanding of Revelation.
      >We have made great strides in our understanding of the
      >various backgrounds
      >of Revelation: apocalyptic [here we should acknowledge
      >Hanson and add him to
      >the list of scholars already mentioned],the Dead Sea
      >scrolls and
      >intertestamental literature, etc.
      >However, Revelation studies have stalled in the matter of
      >its liturgical
      >setting. I'd like to see more discussion on this aspect.
      >I suspect solving
      >it will require us to revisit two of the great
      >controversies of the late
      >20th century: 1) Israelite sacral kingship and its
      >enthronement and 2)
      >whether the "Day of the Lord" was the source of Israelite
      >eschatology. I've
      >offered my own suggestion [see below], others [long ago]
      >have suggested
      >others: Passover, all three Israelite pilgrimage feasts,
      >At any rate, this list offers those of us interested in
      >Revelation a chance
      >to get acquainted, float new ideas, argue about old ones,
      >and generally keep
      >each other on our toes. :-)
      >Perhaps a bit of my own background is in order:
      >I was raised to endless tales of how Revelation
      >prophesied every modern
      >crisis; my pastor had an 18', hand painted prophecy
      >curtain, mounted at the
      >front of the church, from which he taught every Wednesday
      >night at Bible
      >study [shudder].
      >After those bad experiences, I avoided Revelation in my
      >undergrad [BA in
      >Bible, Central Bible College] and early grad work [MAs in
      >History and
      >Biblical Languages, at Missouri State U and the
      >Assemblies of God
      >Theological Seminary, respectively], only to rediscover
      >it near the end
      >[forced to, actually, but that is another story...].
      >I had been working in intertestamental lit at University
      >of Michigan in my
      >doctoral program and asked [what seemed to me] a very
      >simple question: "Why
      >are the people in Rev. 7 waving palm branches?"
      >The end result was my 1993 UM dissertation "The Harvest
      >of the Earth: The
      >Feast of Tabernacles in the Book of Revelation," wherein
      >I argued that
      >Tabernacles was the cultic setting for the book. That
      >same thesis, expanded
      >and refined, underlies the commentary I later published
      >in 1999 as
      >"Revelation" in the anthology Full Life Bible Commentary
      >reissued in 2003 under the new title Life in the Spirit
      >New Testament
      >Anyhow, I have seen both sides of the Revelation issue
      >and survived it.
      >[Thankfully, I can also report that my experience does
      >NOT include
      >membership in the Michigan Militia, the Montana Freedman,
      >or other
      >fundamentalist paramilitary groups that ab/use Revelation
      >as part of their
      >raison d' etre!].
      >I currently live in sunny Winter Haven, FL, where I am an
      >adjunct NT prof at
      >Asbury Theological Seminary-Orland and do some online
      >teaching for Regent
      >Blessings to you all,
      >Tim Jenney
      >> From: "georg_s_adamsen" <georg@...>
      >> Reply-To: revelation-list@yahoogroups.com
      >> Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:27:58 -0000
      >> To: revelation-list@yahoogroups.com
      >> Subject: [revelation-list] New moderator
      >> Dear list members,
      >> I am happy to announce that Dr. Timothy P. Jenney has
      >>offered to
      >> moderate Revelation-list.
      >> I assume that he will introduce himself to you soon.
      >> Technically, I am still a member of this group, but I
      >>will remain as
      >> inactive as I have been for quite a long time.
      >> Dr. Georg S. Adamsen
      >> Listowner
      >> Yahoo! Groups Links
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

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