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RE: [revelation-list] Use of Zechariah?

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  • Ian R. Brown
    Of possible interest is ... Record 1 of 1 LOCATIONS Stacks/Main Floor AUTHOR Wong, Chan-kok. TITLE The interpretation of Zechariah 3, 4 and 6
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 23, 2005
      Of possible interest is ...

      Record 1 of 1
      LOCATIONS Stacks/Main Floor
      AUTHOR Wong, Chan-kok.
      TITLE The interpretation of Zechariah 3, 4 and 6 in the New Testament

      and early Christianity / by Chan-Kok Wong,
      PUB INFO 1992.
      DESCRIPT. 235 p.
      NOTE Thesis (Ph. D.)--Westminster Theological Seminary, 1992.
      NOTE Includes abstract.
      NOTE Includes bibliographical references (p. 214-235)
      NOTE Photocopy. Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms
      International, 1992. 22 cm.
      SUBJECT Bible. O.T. Zechariah 3-4 -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. --

      History -- Early church, ca. 30-600.
      SUBJECT Bible. O.T. Zechariah 6 -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. --
      History -- Early church, ca. 30-600.
      1 > Stacks/Main Floor BS1665.2 .W65 1992 AVAILABLE

      Ian R. Brown

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      From: Georg S. Adamsen [mailto:georg@...]
      Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005 9:37 AM
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      Subject: [revelation-list] Use of Zechariah?

      Dear list members

      Are any of you aware of a monograph or a substantial scholarly article
      dealing with Revelation's use of the Book of Zechariah? Naturally,
      commentaries and articles dealing with Revelation 6:1-8 also touch on the
      use of Zechariah. What I am searching for, however, is more substantial
      contributions that deal with it on an academic level. Are you aware of such?

      You are welcome to send responses on the list or off the list. In the latter
      case, I will summarize and build a bibliography for this topic and post it
      to the list. I enclose the articles that I already know. I am not so far
      aware of any monograph or substantial articles.

      Dr. Georg S. Adamsen

      Literature with respect to Rev 6:1-8

      Allo, E.-B. "Le premier cavalier du chapitre VI de l'Apocalypse." RB 11
      (1914): 5-36.

      Bachmann, Michael. "Die apokalyptische Reiter: Dürers Holzschnitt und die
      Auslegungsgeschichte von Apk 6,1-8." ZTK 86 (1989): 33-58.

      ________. "Der erste apokalyptischer Reiter und die Anlage des letzten
      Buches der Bibel." Bib 67 (1986): 240-75.

      ________. "Die negative Karriere des ersten apokalyptischen Reiters." Pages
      15-26 in Zu Dürers Zeiten: Druckgraphik des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts aus dem
      Augustinermuseum Freiburg. Edited by S. Bock. Freiburg: , 1991.

      ________. "Noch ein Blick auf den Ersten apokalyptischen Reiter (von Apk
      6.1-2)." NTS 44 (1998): 257-78.

      Baldensperger, G. "Les cavaliers de l'Apocalypse (6 1-8)." RHPR 4 (1924):

      Considine, J. S. "The Rider on the White Horse." CBQ 6 (1944): 406-22.

      Feuillet, André. "Le premier cavalier de l'Apocalypse." ZNW 57 (1966):

      Giesen, Heinz. "Im Dienst der Weltherrschaft Gottes und des Lammes: Die vier
      apokalyptischen Reiter (Offb 6,1-8)." Studien Zum Neuen Testament Und Seiner
      Umwelt 22 (1997): 92-124.

      Haapa, E. "Farben und Funktionen bei den apokalyptischen Reitern."
      Teologinen Aikakauskija 73 (1968): 216-25.

      Herzer, Jens. "Der erste apokalyptische Reiter und der König der Könige: Ein
      Beitrag zur Christologie der Johannesapokalypse." NTS 45 (1999): 230-49.

      Hodges, Z. C. "The First Horseman of the Apocalypse." BSac 119 (1962):

      Kerkeslager, Allan. "Apollo, Greco-Roman Prophecy, and the Rider on the
      White Horse in Rev. 6:2." JBL 112 (1993): 116-21.

      Lamarche, Paul. Zacharie IX-XIV: Structure littéraire et Messianisme. Études
      Biblique. Paris: J. Gabalda et Cie, 1961.

      Lambrecht, Jan. "The Opening of the Seals (Rev 6,1--8,6)." Bib 79 (1998):

      Poirier, John C. "The First Rider: A Response to Michael Bachmann." NTS 45
      (1999): 257-63.

      Rissi, Mathias. "The Rider on the White Horse." Int 18 (1964): 407-18.

      Strand, Kenneth A. "The Two Olive Trees of Zechariah and Revelation 11."
      AUSS 20 (1982): 267-261.

      Wong, Daniel K. K. "The First Horseman of Revelation 6." BSac 153 (1996):

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