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Re: [revelation-list] the theophanic thunderous thunders!

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  • polycarp66@aol.com
    In a message dated 3/22/2004 1:22:15 AM Eastern Standard Time, keith_starkey@hotmail.com writes: The question was specifically regarding whether the thunders
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 22, 2004
      In a message dated 3/22/2004 1:22:15 AM Eastern Standard Time, keith_starkey@... writes:

      The question was specifically regarding whether the thunders are indeed
      sealed permanently as well as the content of the scroll.  You seem to think
      the thunders can be equated to the trumpets.  On what basis?
      Because the one succeeds the other?

      First, the scroll isn't sealed; it's open, lying in the hand of the angel (I
      know you are aware of that!). Second, the thunders are sealed, but, as I
      noted, I cannot see how they will (would) remain sealed. Otherwise, why
      bring them up? Third, No, I do not equate the thunders to the trumpets. I
      have only noted that the thunders are judgements, that they are included
      within the sixth trumpet's sounding.
      No, I'm not implying in any sense that the thunders are to be equated to the trumpets.  I'm simply wondering what the function of the introduction of the thunders with the admonition to seal what they say might be.  Personally, I tend to think that their utterances would remain sealed which is precisely what puzzles me.  If what they say is subsequently revealed, it would be equivalent to the infamous "Not to mention . . . " where the speaker then procedes to mention precisely what he has said he will not mention.  If, on the other hand, they remain sealed and do serve a function (as I presume they do), is it simply to emphasize that God's counsel will not be completely revealed?  A theophany could be simply designated by the customary thundering without any mention of their having been articulate.
      In view of the theophanic event contextualizing the cherubim in Ezekiel and
      in Revelation--considering, too, the references you noted in regard to the
      LORD thundering from heaven, etc.,--*****I to not deem it worth loathing a
      consideration**** for the thunders to be in relationship to both judgement and
      the cherubim's thunderous sounds (in Ezekiel); those sounds reflecting the
      movement of the God who judges.
      I think you may have misspoken here.  In any event, I don't understand what you intend.  Note the section set off with *****.
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