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Re: [revelation-list] God's Exact Timing

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  • Lastday
    Re: [revelation-list] God s Exact TimingGarreth Power, Thank you sir. My vision of our incredible God certainly has grown since I discovered that God placed
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 2, 2002
      Re: [revelation-list] God's Exact Timing
      Garreth Power, Thank you sir. 
      My vision of our "incredible God" certainly has grown since I discovered that God placed 490 prophetic years within the confines of 476 solar years and that only such a scholar as Dr. Ernest L. Martin had discerned that  Rev.12:1 was a belated sign of September 11, BC 2 on which Christ was born. As you know, that was Tishri 1 of the Jewish civil New Year! May you too  discover that Revelation does indeed "unveil history" as well as the future.
      I promise not to disturb your spiritual equilibrium again.

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      Sorry I do not mean any offence, but this is a scholarly list and not a discussion group in the vein of one of Hal Lindsey books.  Treating the book of Revelation as a book that will some how unveil history, or as a predictive book completely misunderstands the genre of the book altogether.  Not only that it also does violence to the text as the text is rendered obsolete in its original function.  That of a prophetic call to Christians in the 1st/nd century AD to be witnesses socially, economically, politically, and religiously in Rome.  In both their Christian communities and society at large.  Readings and research such as this is irresponsible, and for me a waste of time, not only does it avoid the serious hard work of recontextualising the message of Revelation for us today, it also allows those who purport such reading strategies to avoid the harsh truths that Revelation unveils about Western society today, and the way we as Christians often capitulate to ‘Babylon’ styles of life rather than ‘New Jerusalem’.

      I do not mean to offend your sensibilities and I only seek to reveal more of the truth we can gleam from this precious diamond of a book for our present context.  I would suggest you read a helpful introduction to the genre and text of Revelation, R.Bauckham’s Theology of Revelation is a very readable short book that will hopefully enlarge you vision of the incredible God we serve, and who’s future reign we participate in.

      Gareth powell

      On 2/12/02 10:51 pm, "Lastday" <lastday@...> wrote:

      The Hebrew Lunar Calendar and our Solar Calendar can only be brought
      into agreement with Biblical prophecy on the basis of a 360-Day
      Calendar. Sixty-eight solar sevens were chosen by God to fulfill 69 Sets
      of 360-Day Sevens because this is the only way to get an exact number of
      24-Hour days. Only 68x7x365.25 equals 173,859 whole days.

      Also, while the Biblical Calendar alone repeats Passover on Nisan 14, a
      Friday, 69 times, the Hebrew calendar repeats Passover on that same day
      and week of Nisan exactly 25 times in 475 years. God's time proves to be
      exact with each calendar based on whole 24-Hour Days!!

      Hebrew's repetition of 19 year Cycles provides additional evidence for
      exact calculation of 69 sets of prophetic Sevens (69x7 or 483 years)
      being fulfilled within 68x7 or 476 years. In the Hebrew calendar,
      25x19=475 or 445-1=444+31=475 years from BC 445 to AD 31.

      Every 19 years the Hebrew New Year begins on the exact same day and week
      of the month Tishri. With 25x19 or 475 years separating Tishri 1
      (Sep.11) to begin the New Year of BC 445 and AD 31 on the same day,
      Sep.11 was repeated 25 times on the same day every 19 years. On the
      evening of that day, in the fall of BC 2, Christ was born. Rev.12:1.

      Only Nisan 9, Palm Sunday, qualified to begin Passion week to fulfill
      Zech.9:9; Lev.23:5 and Dan.9:26a. Five days later, Nisan 14 was Passover
      Day, a Friday on the prophetic 360-Day calendar for the 69th time since
      BC 445. It was that same day on the Hebrew calendar just 25 times. No
      year except AD 32 culminated 476 years after BC 445 on a Solar Calendar
      and at the same time allowed Nisan 14 to repeat just 69 times on a
      Friday. So Nisan 30 or April 14 was the decree's anniversary and Tishri
      1 or Sept.11, the first day of a New Year, was repeated the same number
      of times and became the date of Christ's birth just as Nisan 14 occurred
      the 69th Time on the day of His death!

      If Passion week had started on Sunday, Nisan 8, the 14th would have been
      Saturday instead of Friday. If Sunday started on the 10th, the Decree's
      69th anniversary could not have been Nisan 30! Sunday, Nisan 9 is the
      only day on which Jesus could have been hailed as King, be crucified on
      Friday and allow a 69th anniversary Sunday, Nisan 30!

      The New Year on a Hebrew Calendar occurred on Tishri 1/Sep.11 once every
      19 years through 475 years. The 476th solar year was made up of 150 days
      from Nisan 30/April 14 to Tishri 1/Sep.11 of BC 445 plus 215 days from
      Sep.11 of AD 31 to April 14 in AD 32. The Hebrew Calendar agrees with
      the Solar Calendar every 19 years. The precise span of 475 years agrees
      with the Prophetic dates of Jesus' Birth and Death.

      Daniel 9:26a and Lev.23:5 required the death of Messiah-King exactly 5
      days *after* Nisan 9! Exactly 173,859 days (476 x 365.25) separated
      Nisan 9, BC 445 and Nisan 9, AD 32. The 173,880th day (483 x 360) from
      BC 445 to the 69th Anniversary of the Decree to rebuild the walls of
      Jerusalem was Nisan 30! Three weeks separated Nisan 9 to 30. Passover
      for Jesus' death had to be Friday. Sixty-eight Solar Sevens ended on
      Nisan 9 so the final Prophetic date occurred on Nisan 30.

      Expect the same exactness for Daniel's 70th Seven! There was no room to
      insert another set of Seven between Palm Sunday and the Cross. Christ
      was born in the Fullness of Time on Sept.11, BC 2, between 6:15 and 7:30
      PM according to the computerized presentation in 600 Planetariums since
      1980. The moon was under the feet of Virgo, the Woman, Tishri 1, to give
      birth to a New Year before 6:15 and birth to our Creator as
      Redeemer-King within the next hour and a half. The Feast of Booths came
      in 2 weeks at the full moon on Tishri 15! The Day Christ comes again
      will begin with that full moon turning to blood. We will not know the
      exact day, but it will be one of the three days of a full moon after the
      Beast kills the Two Prophets "in the days whenever the 7th Trumpet is
      about to sound." Rev.6:12; Rev.11:7-11; Rev.10:6,7. Mel Miller
      www.lastday.net  lastday@...

      Mel Miller

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    • Georg S. Adamsen
      Re: [revelation-list] God s Exact TimingA word from the listowner: Calendar issues are not unscholarly per se, as we all know from the many studies on calendar
      Message 2 of 4 , Dec 2, 2002
        Re: [revelation-list] God's Exact Timing
        A word from the listowner:
        Calendar issues are not unscholarly per se, as we all know from the many studies on calendar problems. While I respect the position taken by Gareth Powell, I disagree that Revelation cannot as well be interpreted as a predictive prophecy. However, I do not think that it can be interpreted in the way suggested by Mel Miller. So how do we procede?
        As far as the list goes, I do not want to disallow debates between various approaches, but I do request that it is done in a scholarly (and, naturaly, a polite) manner. E.g., if one wants to introduce calendar issues, then it must be shown that it is relevant to the Book of Revelation, i.e. to specific texts and/or problems.
        By the way, for your information: Yahoo Groups now allows me to subscribe members with restricted posting privileges (i..e. their messages are moderated), and I can restrict posting privileges for individual members. Sometimes I will do - and have done - that, at least for a few days. Sometimes I send a mail to a members urging him or her to keep to the list rules and write politely. I normally read (although sometimes quite quickly) all messages within a day or two and I react as I find necessary. Please, either let me do the moderating or write to me and volunteer as an official co-moderator (I do not promise to accept that offer, however).
         Thank you for being here and for participating in the debates.
        Dr. Georg S. Adamsen
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