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  • Don K
    It seems to me that a better suggestion is to be found in Psalms 45:3-5, where the avenging Jehovah fairer than the sons of men is called to Gird a sword on
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      It seems to me that a better suggestion is to be found in Psalms 45:3-5,
      where the avenging Jehovah "fairer than the sons of men" is called to Gird a
      sword on your thigh O Mighty One With yo9ur glory and majesty And in your
      majesty ride prosperously because of truth, humility, and righteousness, and
      Your right hand shall teach You awesome things Your arrows are sharp in the
      heart fo the King's enemies."
      In the verses that follow we find the famous passage cited in Hebrews 1:8f
      concerning the enthronement of the Messiah, Jesus.
      Furthermore, in the Psalm, we find so many of the elements and themes
      prevalent in the Apocalypse:
      A conquering rider, with the sword of Jehovah on his thigh. (cf. 19:15, the
      sword coming out of the mouth of the rider)
      The righteousness of the rider asserted and emphasized.
      The rider with arrows (i.e. the bow) to use against the enemies of
      The rider identified as the Mighty One, (El Shaddai, can someone confirm the
      Hebrew on this?), and of course, in the Apocalypse, the rider in chapter 19
      is "the pantokratoros," (cf. 1:7-8), and King of kings.
      It is also distinctly possible that Lamentations 2:4 is echoed in the
      Apocalypse: "Standing like an enemy, He has bent His bow, with His right
      hand like an adversary. He has slain all who were pleasing in His sight".
      Since the Apocalypse is certainly about the judgment of the city "where the
      Lord was slain" (11:8), it would be natural for a good "Jewish" author to
      call the Lament to mind as he considered the impending catastrophe.
      To me, these links are persuasive, and more congruent than an identification
      with the Apollo myth.
      Don K
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      > >Any thoughts out there on the bow held by the 1st horseman? Chilton has
      > some
      > >interesting insights.
      > I was persuaded by Allan Kerkeslager's argument that it was an image of
      > Apollo representing false religion. The symbolism works and it fits better
      > with the other three horsemen as a sequence (in contrast to traditional
      > interpretations of it as a proleptic vision of Christ.)
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