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Re: [revelation-list] Most convincing outline?

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  • Leo Percer
    John, et al: On the use of in the Spirit as a structural marker (actually, I prefer the term linguistic marker), see Bauckham s _Climax of Prophecy_
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 26, 2001
      John, et al:

      On the use of "in the Spirit" as a structural marker (actually, I prefer the
      term "linguistic" marker), see Bauckham's _Climax of Prophecy_ (which, by the
      way, also has a very good outline of the book) or my dissertation "The War
      in Heaven". There are some good works out there dealing with an understanding
      of "in the Spirit" in Revelation. Some references may be found in chapter 2
      of my dissertation, but here are some that I can remember:

      1. Merrill C. Tenney, _Interpreting Revelation_, Eerdmans Publishing, 1951.
      Once you get past Tenney's preterist approach, some of his discussions are
      quite fascinating. The material on _en pneumati_ is in his introduction (if
      I remember correctly).

      2. Bauckham, _Climax of Prophecy_, I think his first article in this book
      deals with this issue. Again, I am going on memory. This book contains
      several very good articles regarding the structure and theology of Revelation.

      3. David Aune's Word Biblical Commentary on Revelation has a discussion of
      this formal marker in the introduction as well. I'll have to check for
      pages, but I do remember that it is in volume 1 of the commentary.

      4. John M. Court, _Myth and History in Revelation_, John Knox, 1979. This
      book has an article that deals with the visions associated with the phrase
      _en pneumati_. I think it is around page 140 in the book.

      These are the four books that I remember off the top of my head dealing with
      this idea of _en pneumati_ as some kind of marker or as an ecstatic or
      prophetic category. I'm sure Bauckham and Aune could give many more (and
      probably do in their works).

      I hope that helps!

      In Christ,

      Leo Percer
      Baylor University
      Waco, TX

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