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Re: Predictions

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  • ksmith@standrews.sa.edu.au
    Dear Ian, ... would John s readers have understood? and ... readers understood by global and what we understand by it. ... John s terminology - e.g.
    Message 1 of 14 , Sep 23, 2001
      Dear Ian,

      > An interesting phrase: 'John must have meant'. Why so? What
      would John's > readers have understood? >>> and
      >>>There is the particular > question of what John and his
      readers understood by 'global' and what we > understand by it.

      John's terminology - e.g. 'the whole earth' (13:3); 'every tribe and
      people and tongue and nation' (13:7) - clearly implies a
      considerably broader collection of people than just those of Asia.
      It may be that John meant the Roman Empire alone, but there
      can be no doubt that he was aware of nations outside of the
      empire - both because there were armies advancing and
      defending the Empires boudaries and because of personal
      dealings he must have had with people from beyond those
      boundaries (e,g Acts 2:9-11).

      While his readers understood - or expected - that the events
      depicted in the Revelation would affect the whole world - I think
      they would have particularly understood that much of it would be
      occur in the arena over which the Beast (Nero) had authority, i.e.
      the Roman Empire.

      >>>I am not sure they would have understood it as only > being
      a 'partial fulfilment' so we therefore have to ask the
      hermeneutical > question as to why we should read it differently.

      I do not think that the Church which received the Revelation and
      those who led it would have expected a 'partial fulfilment'. They
      believed that the end was upon them and hence much of the
      expectaion in the New Testament that they would see the
      parousia. They expected a complete fulfilment. Some questions
      may have begun to creep in prior to Nero's death - perhaps as
      the persecutions began to wane - but it was only after it (Nero's
      death) and the realization that Christ did not return at the time
      that they expected that they had to come to grips with the
      multilayered nature (i.e. another, final fulfilment) of the


      Kym Smith
      South Australia
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