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Re: [revelation-list] Re: Ezekiel and John

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  • KennethGentry@cs.com
    In a message dated 12/18/2007 11:02:27 AM Eastern Standard Time, ... John s statement in Rev 11:2 is so very similar to Jesus in Lk 21:24 that I feel John
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      In a message dated 12/18/2007 11:02:27 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      drjenney@... writes:

      > All true, but there is a more fundamental difference between Ezekiel's
      > vision of the new Temple and Revelation's. The former emphasizes the
      > physical building, the latter its inhabitants: the worshipers in Rev.
      > 7 and the nature of the Bride, who is described as a holy city, the
      > "New Jerusalem" (Rev. 21). It is a contrast between a Ezekiel's holy
      > place and Revelation's holy people. Note that nothing actually ever
      > gets measured in Revelation!
      > That said, I see nothing in Revelation that addresses state of the
      > Jerusalem temple.

      John's statement in Rev 11:2 is so very similar to Jesus' in Lk 21:24 that I
      feel John must be applying it to his own work. He mentions the nations
      (ethne), the treading (pateo), and Jerusalem/holy city. It would appear then that he
      is assuming the presence of the temple prior to AD 70. The Jews were to expect
      the destruction of their central place of worship and their humiliation (Rev

      Furthermore, Rev 11:1-2 mention BOTH building/implements AND people. To
      emphasize something (the people) is not to reduce all that he has said to that one
      issue. Though I agree that a major point of John is the preservation of his
      people, this does not preclude the rejection of the temple-building as the heart
      of the old covenant people whom he is rejecting. Had he only wanted to speak
      of the people apart from the central structure unifying the people (the temple
      re: old covenant Israel) he could have done so, as he often does in

      Perhaps John refuses to obey the command to "measure the temple," but I
      rather suspect not -- even though for some reason he doesn't focus on the action

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