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896Simon J. Kistemaker and the early church on Nero

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  • neroad70
    Nov 17, 2007
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      Hi folks, sorry to just parachute in here, but I try to stay on the
      sidelines, like a third string quarterback holding the clipboard, as I
      need to learn before I talk (at least my wife thinks so).

      Anyway, Kistemaker makes the analysis that the identification of Nero
      and 666, is not based on early church fathers but rather comes from
      nineteenth-century scholars,
      "W.G.Baines, The Number of the Beast in Revelation 13:18," Heythjourn
      16 1975.

      So my question is, why then do many people say that the early church
      or part of it anyway, felt that Nero was indeed the Beast?

      If you can give me any solid verifiable evidence to the early church
      holding that view or at least portions of the church beleiving so, I
      would much appreciate it and any further reading on the specific topic.

      Thank you!

      Troy Yoppini
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