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800Rev 14:12 ("pistin Iesou")

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  • ottoerlend
    Nov 11, 2005
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      Usually "pistin Iesou" in Rev 14:12 is translated as "faith in Jesus"
      (NET, NAB) or "faith of Jesus" (NRSV) . I guess it's possible to
      understand the genitive as both subjective and objective; I am not
      able to see that the context favours either of them. I have also seen a
      translation like "faithful to Jesus" (cannot remenber where).

      Now, I was wondering if the following translation might be possible /
      likely: "faithfulness of Jesus". ("Faithfulness" does seem to be within
      the semantic realm of "pistis".)

      What do you think? All kinds of comments (context, semantics, syntax,
      etc.) might be useful!

      Best wishes

      Otto E. Nordgreen
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