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657Re: [revelation-list] rev. 11:1-2

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  • polycarp66@aol.com
    Jan 28, 2004
      In a message dated 1/28/2004 8:08:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, chris.larimer@... writes:

      First, I am preterist and post-millennial in my leanings.  Therefore, I am not given to interpretations that focus on an earthly rebuilding of the Temple and a reinstitution of the Mosaic law/sacrificial system (which has been fulfilled in God's Christ). 

      Secondly, I do not follow the three-fold division of the Revelation into the things "which you have seen, the things which are, and the things which are to come."  The Apocalypse is simply too non-lineal to support that view (otherwise, you would have at least five falls of Babylon between chapters 11-22).  Instead, I side with David Aune and Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza in viewing the progressive action of the Apocalypse in successively more powerful symbolic systems.  My own division of the book as a whole is thus:

      Prologue and Epistolary Introduction (1:1-3:22)
      Heavenly Throneroom Vision (4:1-11:18)
      Cosmic War Vision (11:19-22:5)
      Epilogue and Epistolary Ending (22:6-21)


      We divide it a bit differently.  My overall structure of the book is

      1. Superscription             1.1-3
      2. Letter Proper             1.4-22.20
            2.1 Salutation             1.4-8
            2.2 Prophetic Call Report 1.9-3.22
            2.3 Heavenly Journey Report 4.1-22.20
            2.4 Closing Salutation      22.21

      I consider the entire book to be in the form of a letter with a superscription which would be on the outside much as we would have a title on the spine of a book today.  The remainder is the letter proper. Note that the Letters to the Seven Churches are subsumed within the Prophetic Call Report which has a General and a Specific section which is not detailed here.  The Letters to the Seven Churches themselves are under the specific section.  Within the Heavenly Journey Report there is the Throne Room scene and the Report of the Opening of the Book of Destiny.  Under the opening category are the opening of each of the seven seals with an interlude for the sealing of God's people consisting of the 144,000 Israelites and the innumerable multitude of the Church.  In my view the Seventh Seal continues until 22.20 as a setting forth of the Heilsgeschichte. 

      I too would probably most appropriately fit in the category of preterism though my views are much different from those of Grudem, e.g.  I do not hold to an early date for the writing of the Apocalypse.  As a matter of fact, I place it much later than is generally done.  I would say most certainly 135 AD.  (I'm sure someone will ask about this!)

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