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644Re: [revelation-list] rev. 11:1-2

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  • polycarp66@aol.com
    Jan 28, 2004
      In a message dated 1/28/2004 10:13:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, Ed.Garcia@... writes:
      I agree with you Ian, some sections of Revelation could not/should not
      be taken literally. I do not believe that this section in Rev. speaks of
      a literal rebuilding of the temple. There is no real reason to claim
      that it does.

      But Ian, if you have the time, how do you understand the measuring of
      the temple? If you have commented on this passage previously, then
      please excuse my oversight. Thank you.
      I'm not Ian, but will venture to speak regarding this.
      The measuring of the temple here as in Ezekiel 40 f. sets forth the idea of the construction of the temple.  It is, in itself, a kind of prophecy regarding its construction.  Prophecy should not, however, be understood simply in terms of fore-telling an event but rather as setting forth the event sub specie aeternitatis.  This is in this case particularly true.  Beginning with chapter 4 we have to do with the heavenly journey and what 'John' saw there.  The denouement of this is the opening of the seven-sealed book -- the Divine Book of Destiny.  Within this the opening of the seventh seal is particularly emphasized -- if nothing else due to the space allotted to recounting it.  The first six seals are but a prelude which is cursorily passed over -- the four horsemen detailing the misfortunes that ever beset humanity, the persecution of the righteous, and the cry for justice from the Divine Judge of all.  With the seventh seal we see the beginning of the Heilsgeschichte set forth.  The people of God are marked with a mark of ownership, judgment which was cried out for in the fifth seal is rained down upon the persecuting world, and the forces of the Abyss itself are released upon it.  The interlude of the "mighty angel" with the small scroll (opened, no less) is somewhat enigmatic, but it seems to set forth what follows since it is said, "There will be no further delay."  What follows is the measuring of the temple which we are considering.  This is the establishment of the worship of the people of God on earth who were sealed and thus marked as the property of God before this all began.  And the elders respond "You have begun to reign."  This must first of all be seen as the establishment of the people of Israel with the cultus thereof for immediately we are presented with the figure of the woman "clothed with the sun, with the moon uner her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars."  This cannot fail to recall Joseph's dream to anyone who is familiar with the story.  In this dream the sun and moon and ELEVEN stars bow down to him.  The difference in eleven and twelve is due to the fact that in our passage Joseph is included so that it is a picture of all Israel.  And what happens with this woman?  She gives birth to a child who is snached up to heaven.  Does anyone doubt that this is a picture of Christ?  I could continue, but will leave off for now since my point was simply to set forth that the section regarding the measuring of the temple is one stage in the setting forth of the Heilsgeschichte.
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