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634Re: rev. 11:1-2

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  • gfsomsel
    Jan 27, 2004
      I wouldn't agree that measuring the temple of God (11:1) was to
      designate which part was for preservation." The first time we
      encounter the concept of measuring the temple is in Ezek 40 ff.
      There it was most definitely NOT for preservation since the
      destruction had already been accomplished. There the concept is
      rather that of the re-establishment of the cultus. Similarly we
      encounter a related concept in Exodus 25 when the construction of the
      tabernacle was being enjoined. There it was to be
      constructed "according to all that I show you concerning the pattern
      [TABNIYT]of the tabernacle." What is here envisioned then is the
      construction of the earthly temple on the basis of the heavenly

      George F. Somsel

      --- In revelation-list@yahoogroups.com, "RalphBass" <ralphbass@d...>
      > The purpose in measuring the temple of God (11:1) was to designate
      > part was for preservation. ".to measure expresses the thought of
      > preservation, not of destruction." Although the temple proper was
      > small, the temple complex was quite large. It was the temple only,
      > consisting of the holy place and the Holy of Holies, which is being
      > symbolically measured for protection. And not only is the temple
      > measured but those that worship their are as well. As Carrington
      says, ".it
      > can only represent the body of true believers who form the
      spiritual temple
      > in which God dwells. . while the Outer Court will be the non-
      christian Jews
      > who are 'given' into the power of the gentiles."
      > This symbolic measuring is to determine who "measures up" by God's
      > In fact, the entire temple was destroyed, not just the court of the
      > gentiles. However, God's people were not destroyed, they were
      delivered. The
      > rest who did not "measure up" were destroyed. This measuring of the
      > "has to do with the building up of the spiritual temple of the true
      > believers-that is to say, of the primitive Jerusalem church.. This
      > circle within the old Israel is regarded by St. John as the true
      > recognized by God. The Outer Court, which is given over to the
      > symbolizes the other Jews who rejected Christ and are not being
      built into
      > his spiritual temple." "The Naos [inner Temple], then, means the
      > of men in whom God dwells.."
      > Compare this section, which follows the sixth trumpet with chapter
      > which follows the sixth seal. In chapter 7 we see the 144,000
      marked for
      > protection, here we see the true worshipers of God measured for
      > by God. Both tell the same story in a cyclic fashion, one marking,
      and the
      > other measuring.
      > >From my coming book "Back To the Future - A Commentary on the Book
      > Revelation"
      > Ralph E. Bass, Jr.
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