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575Re: [revelation-list] A question

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  • Upham family
    Jul 12, 2003
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      Dear sir,

      The sentence in Revelaiton 22:15 is not a command or an imperative, but
      simply a statement,
      and I paraphrase it, "no dogs will be in heaven." I take this to mean
      people with a doglike spirit as seen in the following Scriptures. : Isaiah
      59:10,11, Matthew 15:21-28 and Mark 7:24-30,
      Matthew 7:6 and Philippians 3:2. If you would like a one page study with
      every reference to dogs in the Old and New Testaments in sentence form in
      outline form with the Hebrew and Greek words, etc. then please send me $1.00
      and I will mail it to you. Sincerely, T. Upham
      408 Luken St., N. Judson, IN 46366.

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      From: "Pere Porta Roca" <pporta@...>
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      Subject: [revelation-list] A question

      > We read in Re 22:15 a clause beginning with EXO. As far as I know,
      > clause has been understood -and therefore translated- as a jussive or
      > imperative one. A command or order is given to dogs (and to the others
      > follow) to quit the holy city, where there is no place for them.
      > Now, in 21:27 it is said nothing impure will enter the city nor liars...
      > will.
      > If we accept that the dogs, etc. are forced to quit the city it means that
      > they are/were inside it.
      > But in 21:27 it is said nothing impure will enter... into it...
      > So, the text in 22:15 should it not be understood -and thus translated-
      > affirmative? That is to say: Dogs, etc. remain, stay, are outside the
      > city. They will perpetually be kept far from the city, no chance of
      > in it...
      > I'd like to know your advice on this.
      > Pere
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