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574Re: [revelation-list] Morning star

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  • Ian Paul
    Jul 15, 2003
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      I said:

      >This is not strictly true. Venus (commonly called the morning star) is
      >actually visible between daybreak and the rising of the sun over the

      and Pere replied

      >Yes... but you do not answer my question: is it logical to translate
      >'morning star'? Would it not be better translated as 'the early morning
      >star' or as 'the dawn star'?

      But there is an important issue here regarding methodology in translation
      and semantic fields. The text appears to be referring (in the context of a
      metaphor) to that which in English is already known as 'the morning star.'
      So we had better translate it into English as 'the morning star'--even if we
      think that is not a good English description of what it refers to!

      Ian Paul
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