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567Re: [revelation-list] Morning star

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  • Ian Paul
    Jul 10 9:14 AM
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      >Re 22,16.
      >Is it logical we translate 'o aster...o proïnós' as 'morning star'?
      >During the morning no star is shining -nor is seen- in the sky because the
      >sun rose,

      This is not strictly true. Venus (commonly called the morning star) is
      actually visible between daybreak and the rising of the sun over the
      horizon, (and is also visible at different times in the light evening sky).
      This is perhaps more evident in latitudes further from the equator, where
      there is a longer twilight (or whatever is the equivalent in the morning.)
      In other words, its appearance heralds the coming fullness of dawn in a sky
      which is already getting light.

      I think there is a strong symbolism here of Jesus as the bearer of the first
      light of the dawn that will only fully come on his return and the full
      revealing of the kingdom of God.

      Revd Dr Ian Paul
      Poole, Dorset UK
      (and a very amateur astronomer)
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